Engagement update and a few pictures!!!

I have been meaning to blog about some GREAT news that our family has, but I’ve been so busy dealing with the military stuff I have just flat out forgotten to do it!  But today is the day, and I am THRILLED to say that my (not so) little brother is getting married to the sweetest girl in the world!  Jordan and Callie will be married on June 11th, during our trip to Orlando, and everyone couldn’t be happier for them.  For those of you who don’t know Jordan, he is an elementary school PE teacher for Mustang, and Callie has one year left of nursing school.  She’s beautiful, and has such a kind and gentle spirit, and she just fits into our family so easily.  I honestly feel like I’m gaining the sister I’ve always wanted, and for that I am both grateful and thankful that God has blessed Jordan with such a wonderful girl.  Here are a few pictures of them…




Congratulations you two! We are excited for what the future holds for you, and we love you both very much!!!


  1. There is no POSSIBLE way that is a picture of your brother.

  2. I know it...he sure grew up didn't he???!!! :)


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