Blog Award

I want to thank my friend over at The Annoyed Army Wife for kindly giving me this award.  She is a new bloggy friend, but as the title of her blog implies, she and I DEFINITELY have a lot in common with our frustrations with the military! 


The rules of this award are to list 7 things about ourselves, thank the person who gave it to you, and give it to seven bloggy friends.

Soooo…seven recent things about myself are:

1.  We are about to move to San Antonio and buy our very first home! 

2.  I am so frustrated with the military right now I could just spit. 

3.  I ate Hostess Donuts for dinner tonight :)

4.  Chase is the most frustrating child to potty train.  It was easier to get our ferret to potty in her box than to get him out of diapers.

5.  My brother just got married and I have the sweetest sister-in-law I could have asked for!

6.  I am blessed by my family in more ways than I can name.  My parents have put up with more than I ever could have, and my husband has the patience of Job! 

7.  I am fresh out of ideas for my 7th thing, so that’s all I’ve got :)


The blogs I nominate for this award are…

Julie Jabbers

Steadfast Spirit

Bloggin It Like It Is

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Island Life In The U.S.

Writings By Charity Joy Bell

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  1. loved reading yor seven things especially what you had for dinner!

  2. LOL about potty training. Amen. :)
    Do you know a lot about the schools in San Antonio? My friend's sister-in-law teaches there and probably would have some recommendations if you need them.
    Been thinking about you. You guys are in my prayers.

  3. What? You're moving again???

    Thank you for the award!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Awww thanks Shawna!!! :) Can't believe I admitted that for all the world to see!! lol

    Jonni, I need all the recommendations I can get. I would REALLY appreciate it! Thank you so much... ((HUGS))

    Stace...yep, but this time it is a HUGE answer to a HUGE prayer!!! :) Finally the military did something decent; which I was beginning to think wasn't possible.


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