Disney World Day 1 – Hollywood Studios

Even in the middle of everything going on, we were able to take a break from the stress of the military battle we’d been embroiled in for months regarding Eli and have a wonderful time with our family at Disney World.  It broke my heart that Eli wasn’t able to come with us…and for those of you who don’t know why, I’ll sum it up for you…

**We moved here, he got no medical oversight, Barksdale medical denied he had any health issues which led him to start regressing at lightening speed, and the only way to get him back on track was residential treatment…again.  Thank you Barksdale medical for being flat out incompetent…but anyway.  Eli is safe and in the right place for him right now…he’s getting his medications right, and Disney would have been too stimulating for him right now in his current state.  Prayers for him would be especially appreciated; we miss him terribly. **

So in a weird comforting way we knew that he was in the exact place he needed to be, and we needed a break from “life”, and Disney was the perfect escape.  We were exceptionally blessed that Jordan and Callie came with us (I will be doing a blog soon about their beautiful wedding!!!), mom and dad came down to spend a couple of days at the park with us, and Callie’s mom and grandma were able to come for the wedding, which was such a blessing – I know it meant the world for Callie! 

So without further ado…Some Disney pictures!!!  I will probably post way too many, but I can’t help myself!!!! :)

Day 1 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM)

DisneyHollywoodStudios35DisneyHollywoodStudios14 DisneyHollywoodStudios27

DisneyHollywoodStudios16  DisneyHollywoodStudios36 TowerofTerror DisneyHollywoodStudios29  DisneyHollywoodStudios11DisneyHollywoodStudios12 DisneyHollywoodStudios13 

Stay tuned for Day 2…Magic Kingdom!  :)


  1. I am so happy for you and your family for being able to let go, and have a great time.

    I will continue to pray for Eli. I know when he gets to come home (hopefully soon) and your family gets settled in a house with things more stable, things are gonna work out.

    Things with our children will never be normal or easy, and only we parents of kids with disorders understand that.

    As a matter of fact, I posted about letting go today.

    I hope you find THE house soon! Praying for you always:)

  2. Julie, Thank you. Your blog was incredibly uplifting...you are such a good friend, and you are all in our prayers as well.

  3. I bet he had a blast!

    I don't think your posts have been showing up in my readers list because I haven't seen any of these. I have some catching up to do.


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