Yep, It’s Definitely Monday

We are starting off our Monday morning by eating dry cereal in bed out of spiderman cups and watching Dinosaur Train.  :)  Personally I’m just biding my time waiting for Clifford! 


Today is such a big week for us, and for me it’s the start of a brand new chapter of our lives.  We leave here Wednesday to meet my parents in Dallas so that Chase can go spend a week with them, and so that Norman and I can focus on house hunting and spending time with Eli and having some in-person family therapy sessions. 

They are still adjusting Eli’s medications, so he has had some really bad days, but overall he is handling things okay.  One thing about autism that NORMALLY is viewed as a major problem is their inability to attach and form close relationships with people.  Eli loves us…but he doesn’t miss us in the same way that another child would.  In this situation it is a blessing, because he isn’t homesick in the same way.  It will be so good to see him, and we get passes to take him off campus on Saturday and Sunday, so that will be wonderful. 

On Friday we meet with our realtor to look at houses, and I still can’t believe we are at that point.  I grew up in one house, and I still consider that “home” since all of our homes since Norman and I have been married have been temporary.  But for the first time we are going to be buying our own home, and I am so excited and thankful and grateful that we are at that point.  We are also blessed that Norman is getting reassigned to San Antonio, so we can all move together as a family.  We weren’t sure it would play out that way, but thankfully, it has. 

And since he only has 6 years left, there is a very good chance that he will be able to stay there to finish out his 20 years.  We are praying for that.  We are going to retire there, so the boys and I will be staying there regardless; we just pray that it works out that Norman doesn’t have to be transferred after this 3 year assignment.  But I’m not going to borrow trouble and look that far down the road. 

Right now I’m just going to focus on what we have coming up, and that is house hunting and visiting Eli and participating in the therapy sessions.  I need to book our hotel and finish up our laundry and ironing and NOT put it off to the last minute! 

That’s all for now; time for me to get busy on ironing…  :)

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. Oh Stacey - that is FANTASTIC news!

  2. Good luck with the house hunting! How wonderful that Norman will be there with you!

  3. How wonderful that you get to see Eli, and that you don't have to worry about Chase, he'll be in good hands.

    House-hunting can be tiring, but, how fun, you get to pick out your own soon to be "haven". God knows what you need.

    I hope you and Norman find time to go out to a movie or nice romantic dinner:)

  4. Sooooo dyin' to know how the househunting went. Did you post pics on fb of the new house you want??

    You need to come over and snag my new button!


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