23 Days and Counting

We’ve been busy this week packing, and as if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, I decided that now is the perfect time to refinish my grandma’s table and chairs.  They have been pretty beat up, but the sentimental value they hold for me is pretty great, so I just couldn’t bear to get rid of them.  Now, if I totally botch the refinishing process we will have to, but at least I will know I tried to salvage them.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress. 

Eli is doing better with his eating, and he seems to be trying more things.  Time will tell I suppose.  He’s still on red (red is the level they are on when they are really defiant, yellow is when they are showing improved behavior and green is when they are agreeable and generally well behaved kids).  With the exception of 2 days, Eli’s been on red, even though we’ve seen improvement, so that tells you how he was when he was admitted to Laurel Ridge.

Alright, time to nap and then get back to the table.  I don’t know how people can enjoy this kind of stuff…I WANT to do it, but I sure am not enjoying it! :)  I need those guys from HGTV  to come surprise me and whip the project out in a day.  :)

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