Coolest Bunk bed Ever

I had made up my mind a while back that I wanted bunk beds in the boys rooms, because since this is my FOREVER HOUSE, I expect visitors over the years, and although we will have a guestroom, that doesn’t help out the guests who have children.  I don’t like my own children having to sleep on the floor somewhere, so I didn’t want to have to ask our guests to have their kids sleep on pallets on the floor or crash on the couch.  Plus, as the boys get older they will have friends who will come over, and this way we just have room for company. 

So bottom line is that I found this angel of a family who had decided to part with theirs, and we picked it up today.  I am so thrilled to get moved, and get it set up.  Just want to make it clear that these aren’t my photos, these are the photos that the family took of the bed.  Chase loves it…and he is going to love the playhouse in the back of the bunk bed even more! :) 

There is tons of drawer space, a space for the tv, space for a computer and a slide out keyboard drawer…


The trundle slides out underneath the bed…

Bunkbed2 And the best part of the whole bed…is the playhouse in the back of the bed!  Chase is going to have a ball playing back there.  He was sad that this wasn’t a “Mickey” bed, so I am going to paint “Mickey Mouse and Chase’s Clubhouse” on the wall behind it.  the back is open, so I will just paint the Mickey details on that section of the wall and decide what color to do the rest of the room. 



  1. Where was this bed when I was a kid?! How cool!

  2. I know, right??!!! I always DREAMED of something this cool!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! What an amazing bunk bed! Instead of all the space in the middle, this one actually makes itself useful! :)

    I want one of those for myself!!!! :)

  4. That is really amazing! It looks pretty solid, too!

  5. Love the bunk bed!! The playhouse is awesome!

  6. Man, where did your friend get this? Very cool. I am still not sure about bunk beds for the boys, but one day....definitely a good use of space and so fun with a "clubhouse".

  7. What an incredible bed! I would have loved that as a kid...except I had a habit of falling out of bed. LOL

    Congrats on your new home and on Eli beginning to improve too! I'm so sorry you've all been having such a hard time.

    I've given you an award over at my blog. Don't worry about passing it on if awards aren't your thing. You really don't have the time anyway with all the stuff going on in your lives. Just consider it a shout-out for your blog.


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