Eli Update



Eli has been inpatient for almost 6 weeks now, and although it seems on one hand that they are making progress with his medications (behavior is better, tantrums are fewer, anxieties are not as much and control issues are less than they have been, he’s down to 2 prescriptions from 7, etc), it seems the thing that is getting worse (or at least is more obvious) are his food aversions and the issues that come along with his eating. 

I just got off the phone with his weekend nurse, and she wanted to make sure we were on the same page.  Apparently Eli has not eaten since yesterday (Saturday) morning.  He ate pancakes, decided he didn’t like what they had for lunch so he just stopped eating.  He didn’t eat lunch then, or dinner last night, then no breakfast this morning and no lunch this afternoon.  After much prompting at dinner tonight for him to eat something, he ate a few chips, but that was all. 

I am relieved to know that the staff where Eli is feels the same way about this; yes, he has a disorder.  Yes,  he has issues.  Yes, you have to pick your battles.  BUT  nutrition is not something that you can compromise on.  Pizza and hot dogs are alright if you don’t eat them for every meal, and I’m not giving in.  They aren’t either and like I told his nurse, I am not a short order cook.  I refuse to cook 3 different things for my family at dinner time; they can eat what I cook or not eat at all…but if my kids don’t eat, they don’t get snacks afterward.  Hungry?  Sorry.  Not my problem.  If you don’t eat what you are supposed to, then I cannot and will not budge.  I am soooo relieved that that is one parenting aspect that they are enforcing there, and hopefully they will get the underlying issues addressed so that we can get him to eat better and eat a bigger variety of foods.  Right now, I am just hoping they can get him to EAT.  I’ll bet the little guy is hungry; maybe he will give in (or break down) and finally eat in the morning.  I’m having a feeling it’s going to be a long night…


  1. Sounds like he is being take care of well. I'm sure he will eat when he gets hungry enough. Prayers for Eli.

  2. When Logan was residential he did this and they believed it to be a control issue with him. I know he is older than Eli, but could be? I believe when he gets hungry enough, he will eat. I'm glad they will be able to help him in this area, and when he comes home it will be resolved.
    Prayers for Eli and your family<3

  3. Julie, you are absolutely right. Somewhere between his control issues and his sensory issues lies food, and he uses that however he can. It's a major problem; I'm just so happy it's getting addressed.

    Thank you both so much ((HUGS))

  4. Aww Stace, I know it's hard to think of your baby being hungry though. I am the same way. No snacks if you don't eat what I fix. I also don't make different meals for everybody. They eat what I fix or don't eat at all.

    Hopefully Eli will work this issue out. I know it's tough for you thinking of him not eating.

    love you!

  5. I hear you on not being a short order cook. I am so glad to hear things are starting to look up for Eli and for the family getting to be in one place together. That's wonderful. Keep on trucking.

  6. I'm so sorry you've all been having so many problems. Love and special prayers for you all!


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