Frequent Driver Miles…

Can I get some of those please???!! :)  This driving from Texas to Oklahoma and back to Louisiana is really starting to put some miles on my poor car! I am so thankful that this won’t go on for too much longer; I can’t wait to get all my family located in the same city! What an amazing feeling that will be for all of us… 

I just got another follow-up letter from Senator Inhoffe from Oklahoma following up on my Congressional that I filed.  Well…I should say ONE of the many I filed :).  It was nice that they finished things up with me by forwarding on what the Air Force sent them as a response to my EFMP/IG complaint.  I am NOT done fighting this; how exactly I want to keep bringing awareness to Autism and the military’s negligence I’m not sure of, but I do know one thing – we aren’t alone.  And I know that for whatever reason we were placed in this situation, and I just hope and pray that our long fight won’t be for nothing.  I do know some “shuffling” lets say, that has taken place, and I know that Barksdale medical is looking at EFMP a bit more closely than they ever have.  Was that worth the separation and degree of pain that the Air Force put us through?  Was it worth watching my child regress so much simply because the  guy with the rank on his shoulder wanted to keep his record looking pretty (meaning, not having any EFMP reassignments on his watch)?  NOPE.  It wasn’t.  So I’m just trying to figure out how else I can help other families never have to be flat run over by the military. 

And between that, visiting Eli in Texas, and house hunting (fingers still crossed and I will let you know when we can say that the gorgeous home is ours…), that’s about all my body and brain can handle.  For now we are enjoying some time at my parents house, and we will head back to Barksdale on Friday.  I’m excited to get back there for once…I’ve got lots of packing to do!! :) 


  1. I'm amazed with all you have going on, and you find time to do it all! You win SUPERMOM award from me.

    I pray you get the house you want.
    I pray Eli is moving forward
    I pray that you can be still in HIM and find peace, in your temporary chaos.
    I pray time flies, and there you'll be sitting on the back porch, sipping tea, watching your boys happily play, and waiting for Norman to get home from work.

  2. I'm so proud of you. I love that this whole situation isn't just about you - you want to make life better for the others. I hope you succeed!
    Unfortunately, Oklahoma doesn't have good political support for autism on the Republican side. Try anyway.
    My prayers remain with you and your family. Don't give up!

  3. Thank you guys!!!

    I was so saddened to find that the resources in Oklahoma City weren't much better than what we had here in Shreveport. But we can't ever give up can we? This issue will only keep increasing as the rate of autism continues to rise, and at some point I just hope and pray that our lawmakers step up and do the right thing by enacting the right legislation and fund more programs for our kids. They (and the problems that they face) will never go away...


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