Monumental Moment, Leaving Shreveport!

I have dreamed of this night, but I am so thankful and shocked that we made it…our last night in Shreveport.  We did the walk thru/inspection of base housing, and after 8 years of living back and forth in base housing and civilian apartments, we are finally DONE.  FINISHED.  We are moving into our own place where we can paint what we want, swim when we want, clean when we want.  Nobody can tell me what I can’t put on a wall or how I have to do something.  And most importantly, we are moving to the city where I have the MOST hope for Eli.  Anything he could ever need care/therapy/respite wise, they have it.  We will have access to care for him now and can provide the way we should…the way every parent should be able to, and I am hopeful. 

I don’t know what the future holds.  Whether Eli will go back and forth from home to residential treatment centers, or if having the consistency of care will make the difference in him being able to stay home with us.  But whatever the future holds, I know we will all be okay.  Goodbye Shreveport; I will not miss you, we have worked hard to get to leave, and I thank GOD that he is faithful and getting us out of here.  Tomorrow begins a new chapter in our lives…and I’m ready for it. 

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  1. AMEN! I'm so happy for you guys! I look forward to hearing happy stories about Eli, your new home becoming your haven, and mostly that you will have stability and prayerfully peace again. Yippee!


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