Even after my lunatic post a few days ago, my verrry wonderful friends over at the Real Housewives of Oklahoma (RHOK) decided to bless me and give me a total pick me up award  just in time for the weekend!  And I have to add that even though I live in Texas now, I consider myself to be a lifelong Okie…you know that phrase, “Sooner born, Sooner bred, and when I die I’ll be Sooner dead”.  Well even though I’m an OSU fan (GO POKES!), I still sing that little tune, cause well, I’m an Okie!

versatileblogger So the rules for the award are to list 7 truths about myself.  At this point does anyone want to KNOW 7 MORE things about me?  Oh well, who cares, it’s the rule, and you know I’m a rule follower.  Which leads me to my number one truth…

1.  I’m not always a rule follower.  I (over the past year) have broken all kinds of rules…screamed like a banshee at the administration of a school, slammed the door to a principal’s office (very adult, I know) and nearly busted out the glass wall (hello…why have a huge glass wall in a building meant for kids) – it did work and they did finally start following Eli’s IEP.  You wanna get a mom mad?  Get a mom with a special needs kid, a team of school personnel that don’t want to follow IEP and ignore the kid, and you get a raging mom. Especially when that mom has backup…helllllloooo Melissa T! :)   HOWEVER, following rules that people don’t want you to follow can cause problems too…like reporting abuse of power and arrogant, ignorant, self-serving  military officers.  One of the morons is now in the middle of nowhere and the other is overseas trying to learn a new language.  So you see…sometimes it pays to follow the rules and sometimes you HAVE to break them.  Because you know, you have no choice! :)

2.  Although it’s no secret, I have to list it…my fear of carpet stains.  And I’ve been stressed out about the fact that our cat got (accidentally) locked inside the downstairs closet overnight 2 nights ago and. he. peed.  ON THE CARPET.  So I mentioned to Norman that this weekend we need to unpack the closet, smell every item, and most likely rip up the carpet and clean the floor and perhaps lay down some tile.  The smell…ooohh the smell.  HORRIBLE.  And it’s not the poor cat’s fault; he was howling I’m sure all night, but we just didn’t hear him.  So lucky for him he’s off the hook, but I’m just not sure that even my FABULOUS, CLEAN EVERYTHING floor cleaner will make me feel okay about leaving that carpet in there.  What can I say; I have issues with keeping my carpets stain free. 

3.  I have recently fallen in love with HGTV.  And that show Hoarders on A&E…wowzers.  Makes me HAPPY that I’m so crazy about clean carpets.  Have you ever seen the condition of the floors on that show??! It makes me want to throw up! The way some people live…GROSS. 

4.  My new favorite musical is Jersey Boys.  Norman took me on Saturday and the lead Joseph Bwhari (or something like that) is out of this world.  He sounds like an angel…that VOICE.  I must have the soundtrack.

5.  I just realized that Chase starts preschool next year.  How did that fact elude me? Denial? Thinking that he would stay home with me forever maybe?  I don’t know, but I am sad.  My little guy is growing up fast.

6.  I can’t wait until the next 6 years are over with and we can cut this noose that is around our necks.  If you get it, I’m glad.  If you don’t get it, I can’t elaborate because not only do I have the US gov’t periodically checking my blog, but now the Russian Federation is checking me out too.  I must be such a wonderful writer that they need me for some high priority job.  HA.  So you nosey gov’t  people who are spending your salary reading this blog; hope it’s worth the money you’re getting!  Keep coming back; I’ll post pics of my cat soon and you don’t wanna miss that!

7. I’m already planning my summer vacation, and since it will be a family vacation this year (next year will be just Norman and me for our 10 year anniversary), we can’t decide if we want to go back to Disney, do a Disney Cruise, hit the beach, or what other place we want to visit.  Suggestions are welcome!

So that’s it for my 7 facts…and now I must choose 7 friends to give this award to!  If you’ve already gotten this award then just know that I appreciate your blogs and love keeping up with you!  Wish I could pick more than 7, but when it comes to the directions of the award, I’m gonna choose to follow the rules!!! haha

1.  Julie at Julie Jabbers for being such an uplifting friend to me.  We share a lot of the same situations with our kiddos, and she always has encouragement and lots of support.

2.  Allison at My Steadfast Spirit for having such a strong commitment to God and for being a wonderful example of following your heart and doing the right thing. 

3.  Teen Autism for helping me understand autism for what it is…an ever changing lifelong struggle that affects my beautiful 6 year old, Eli.  I have laughed and cried and learned so much by reading this blog, so for that….thank you. 

4.  Melinda at Bloggin' It From the Burbs.  She is my friend in “real life” as well as on my computer ;), and she has been there for me many times.  I am thankful for you Melinda; you are a TRUE friend and have a heart of gold. 

5.  Melissa over at New Girl On Post.  The title alone should say it all…boy do we have a lot in common…just the fact that she’s a military wife living overseas, supporting her husband and our country so far from home is to be commended. Thank you Melissa!

6.  The Annoyed Army Wife for being annoyed with me.  Although for different reasons, I am very annoyed at the moment, so I just love her for that! :)  She is very strong willed, and has a wonderful heart. 

7.  And last but not least is Amber at Random Rants of an Army Wife.  She is juggling a lot, and I admire her for her strength and caring heart!

So that’s it! Now it’s your turn to post your award, tell us 7 truths about YOU, and let us get to know you better!


  1. I just wanted to read your blog and hope things were going better and all was well, Instead... it seems like you're due a "Congrats on your Blog Award!" And, thank you for plugging my blog. lol Oh, I'm such a rebel will rules, I promise later I will try really hard to show my appreciation to you, and I will painfully try and stick to the rules of the award! lo Thanks girlfriend. Have a wonderful weekend<3

  2. I'm so glad you and Julie found each other. :)
    What is up with you and carpets? Do you eat on the floor? Do you lick the floor?
    My carpet can hide all sorts of evils. I love it.

  3. Awww thanks Julie! You have a great weekend too! And Jonni I checked your blog to see if you had already gotten it so I didn't tag you, but you're way at the top of my list of sanity savers!!! :) Thank YOU for being such a wonderful blog friend...Next time I'm in your neck of the woods I'm coming up and we'll grab dinner!

  4. Hoarders is the craziest show ever! I've been watching some episodes online and it always makes me want to clean! I seriously don't know how people get like that. Did you see the lady that started wearing diapers because she couldn't get to her toilet? Ew!

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  6. Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! I am honored! I'll be sure to mention it in my next "Lowdown" post. Best wishes to you!


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