Great Weekend With Eli

Eli got to come home on Saturday and Sunday, and he did great on both days.  The highlight of the weekend was our time playing in the pool; it’s something the boys never get tired of.  He is making progress.  We are seeing more of his autistic features come out the older he gets…he’s more shy around people he doesn’t know and is afraid to ask questions.  He is more easily frustrated, so we are working with him on that, and they are addressing that and his eating habits at L.R.  He will probably be there another month and a half to two months, and then even at that point if he isn’t where they want him to be they may ask for an extension thru our insurance.  He’s just a socially awkward kid, so I think that social groups will be a big thing for us to get him involved in when he gets home. 

It’s a rollercoaster for Norman and me; we see progress and then something will happen and we feel devastated all over again.  We are working on our own expectations and just trying to take each small victory and accomplishment and appreciate every step forward he takes.  There are going to be setbacks…we know that.  But nobody is prepared to have a child with special needs, and it takes as much learning on our part as Eli’s, so it will be a constant work in progress.  It just takes time. 

We’ve been working hard on the house, and it is getting more and more in shape.  I’m not done painting yet, but some of those things can be put off until we are completely unpacked and have all the stuff hung up on the walls.  The hardest part is behind us, so I find myself kind of slacking off a little, but I need to kick it in gear and just get it finished up so I don’t have framed prints and pictures still stacked against the walls for months. 

I’ll wind this post up by posting some pictures of the weekend.  The weather is still hot here, so we are enjoying the pool to the very last minute!

Swimming4 Swimming1 Swimming5


  1. I'm glad to hear Eli is making progress. The constant theme in our house seems to be, A few steps forward, a few steps back. I try to focus on the forward steps.

    Did you get so lucky as to have his residential stay cost picked up by your insurance company? Our's didn't pay, and the 80k expense, even though we did get generous donations, has us in a terrible financial crunch.

    Great family pics. Sounds like he'll be home for Christmas. Logan returned last year, Dec 18th, the week before, and it made the holidays much better.

  2. Glad you got to spend some fun time with Eli :) Your pool looks amazing...I want to come visit!

  3. So great to see pictures of your whole family together. :)
    You are amazing.


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