Hard to Believe…

That Norman’s first week at his new job is almost over, and we are getting somewhat settled.  We’ve still got loads of boxes everywhere, but I’m trying not to stress about that. Eli will get to come home for visits on Saturday and Sunday, and it’s just insane to me that he’s been at Laurel Ridge now since the beginning of June and he’s just now on yellow.  They use the Red, Yellow, Green behavioral system, and he’s been on Red since he got there.  They finally took him off of the Risperdal after weeks of  them increasing the dosage and his behavior worsening.  Hello…cause and effect.  But they changed the Risperdal to something else (cannot think of the name right now to save my life), and there was an immediate improvement in behavior. Hopefully the meds are straightening out and he is getting on the right track.  There is no guide to autism for sure…each kid is different and reacts to each medication differently.  And just as soon as you get them on the right one, their bodies change and they need to change them again. 

I’m just so happy to be here…only 10 minutes from Eli instead of 8 hours.  Chase is doing well and settling in. We started his swimming lessons on Tuesday, and he’s sort of getting the hang of swimming without the arm floaties.  Alright, that’s all for now; it’s starting to rain and I think that is the perfect cue for Chase’s naptime.  Ciao!


  1. Thank you God for answered prayers about Eli. 10 minutes is so much closer, I know that brings you comfort. I pray his home visit goes wonderful. You must be so excited to show him the new house. Have a great weekend together!

  2. Stace...I have said it time and time again..you are a wonderful mother and person! Your heart, spirit, and never ending love for your children and your family make you a force to be reckoned with! I am proud of the fight you put up and what you have accomplished. You set an example that would be hard for most to live up to, but yet inspire them to do so. I love ya girl and miss you like crazy! I am so happy that your family is finally where they need to be! Prayers and love go to you and your family!

  3. Best of luck for a wonderful weekend together!
    I'm kinda glad he's not on Risperdal anymore (at least for now). I know someone whose kid has permanent tics from it.


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