Eli’s HOME! And he’s 7!

Eli got to come home…for good on Saturday the 23rd – his 7th birthday!  What a day for not only him, but all of us.  Chase is beside himself with joy that Eli is home, and Eli is doing really well.  That was a long 5 months…and I’m not delirious to think that this will be the last time; I can hope, but the possibility is there and very big for him to need to go back someday, but we are going to enjoy the progress for as long as we can. 

He starts to school tomorrow at the local school, but today he is home so that he can get a Hep A shot from the peds office.  And it’s  a double appointment, so hopefully the doc can give us something for Chase.  Norman and I both have bronchitis, and I think that’s what Chase has as well, so hopefully they can give him some meds that will help him feel better.  Poor little guy has not been feeling well for awhile. 

I hope I like the pediatrician; this is the first appointment with her, and I want to like her so we are one step closer to being DONE with first appointments.  I’ve found pretty much everything else here and filled out all the numerous pages of history and had stuff faxed and sent from the other places/doctors, so I want to be DONE with that junk!  It’s the worst part about moving since we aren’t Tricare Prime.  If we were seen on base they would transfer everything for us, but since I refuse to see the incompetent military docs (yes, I know people will argue with me, but seeing as how I’ve never had a good experience with a military doctor that is my right to feel that way.  So please, no comments trying to justify why military docs are good.  I am aware there are exceptions to everything and somewhere there are good military docs…just sayin).

So anyway!  I’ll post some of Eli’s birthday pictures and wind this up.  Have a wonderful week!

ElisSeven ElisSeven3 ElisSeven4 ElisSeven6


  1. so glad he's home now! I hope you and Norman get back to 100% health soon!

  2. Happy Belated 7th to Eli and Welcome Home! I'm so happy for you to all be together in your new home, in a new state, and a new start over! Many prayers have been answered, God is faithful.

  3. Happy birthday Eli! I hope you had a wonderful day. I miss seeing your smile at school!
    love & hugs,
    Mrs. Conley


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