McLinky Monday – Worst Job

This is the first time I’ve joined in for the Rhok’s McLinky Monday, but I couldn’t resist this week’s subject.  The worst job you’ve ever had.

Super Easy.  EASY.  Seriously.

I do not have to think twice before saying that being a front desk clerk at the hotel at Roman Nose State Park was the WORST JOB I ever had.  EVER. 

The first time I tried to make a hotel reservation for a family I wiped out the week’s worth of reservations.  Names, addresses, credit card numbers.  GONE.  My boss was so nice…too nice – she didn’t fire me.  I have never had a job where I went to work praying to get fired.  I had to wear these horrible slacks, and the computer system was so old it was horrible.  People would complain and all I could do is say “I’m sorry”.  I wanted to say this, instead but for obvious reasons I couldn’t…  “For the love of God, if you want to get all the amenities of a 4 star hotel please don’t come out to a state park hotel and expect a 4 star hotel.  Do your research.  Yes the place is old.  I’m sorry.  But what did you expect?!” So I stood there nodding my head and apologizing for not being a 4 star hotel, taking group complaints ( we booked our family reunion and all there is to do here is golf and swim!??! All I could say is sir, that was on your brochure.  We don’t try to hide from you what we do or do not offer). 

My last day I showed up to work.  Sat in my car in the parking lot and gave myself the pep talk that I need the money; I’m a broke college kid and I need to do what I need to do.  And then I walked in there, saw I was working with the person I liked least there, and just said, “I QUIT” and turned around and walked out.  Leaving them in a bind since they needed two people for that shift and I was that second person.  Oh well.  I had had enough.  And I haven’t been back to Roman Nose since.  It’s a lovely place…but I am NOT a fan of that hotel. 

And that is my Oklahoma parks and recreation endorsement! HA!

What was your worst job?  Head on over to the Rhok and link up to let them know what your worst job was!

The Rhok


  1. There is no way I could work in customer service with the general public. I probably be fired by the end of the first day having offended some stupid client by pointing out their stupidity to them in a not so pleasant way.

  2. Haha!!! That is how I feel for sure!

  3. Dealing with the public and a mean coworker - Ugh! Oh and like the OK parks and rec endorsement ;)

  4. LOL! I would have wanted to say the same thing.

    One of my friends has worked in the hotel business for years. She's told me so many stories. I would never even try to work for a hotel based on her stories alone.

    I'm pretty sure when I didn't show up at that daycare I left them in a bind as well. But, I just couldn't do it another day.

    Thanks for playing along with us!!
    ~Mrs. Albright

  5. Co Workers can be a blessing if the job is crappy or if they are as crappy as the job can make the job a living hell can't they?

  6. Wow - sounds fun! Now I need to know what hotel so I can be sure to stay there. Lol.

  7. Hey, I've stayed there at the hotel and the cabins. Yep, they are old, but what do you expect. I think were a desk like that would be tough.

  8. Jonni, it's the Roman Nose State Lodge...and when I went to their website I saw that they were fixing up at least some of the rooms so YAY for that!! It's way past due!

    Yeah, I have learned that I don't have the patience for that type of customer service. I have a low tolerance for stupid :).

    Yogi, you hit the nail on the head..."but what do you expect". EXACTLY!


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