Swimming in October

That would have been a craaaazy thought when we lived in DC, where I’m sure the leaves have all changed and fall is alive and well!  I’ve been working on the house, and only just now have I ventured into the yard to make that presentable.  It’s been so hot that I didn’t want to deal with it, but holy cow it was severely overgrown and it was time.  So Chase swam while I worked, then I swam with him when I was done :).  This house is perfect for us!  Here are a few pictures of the work I’ve done on the inside of the house. 

This is the sitting nook in our master bedroom


This is my downstairs guest half-bath…I have always wanted to put my guest hand towels in a wine rack…don’t ask me why, I’ve just always wanted to! So I finally get to!  And yes, I did paint the bathroom purple!!!  Although, the palest shade of purple is the newest  family member of the neutral family!



Eli is making progress and is due to come home in about a month.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was apprehensive about it, but I think that is pretty normal considering the circumstances.  The most major change in him and in our family is going to be giving him the amount of alone time he is going to require.  He can only be around people for so long before he literally just wants to pull his hair out.  We had been considering finally getting a dog since we have a yard and a house large enough to accommodate one, but his therapist said that autistic children form bonds with animals much better, and that a dog would be a great addition to help be soothing for him, but just having a family dog would be nice.  It’s been such a long time; and we’ve wanted one for so long…but this transient military lifestyle just hasn’t been the right (and fair) condition for a dog.  So we are hoping to make that addition soon, and of course I will post pictures as soon as we are able to add that family member!!!

Alright, time for me to hop off of here, work on my shop, and get to bed early.  Tomorrow I’ve got a long day of working in the yard, swimming with Chase and Eli (he gets to come home for the afternoon) then a party to go to tomorrow night! Yip Yip! :)  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



  1. Getting a dog for Logan was the best thing we did 3 years ago when he was 12yrs old.

    Of course, being separated from his dog for 8 months while away in residential, made it harder.

    I love seeing him to his daily pacing in our backyard and there is his faithful dog, Bailey right beside him.

    Logan doesn't like to be touched, but he loves all over Bailey.

    Im excited for Eli getting a dog!

    We love our golden retriever, she's so low maintenance. My only complaint, he Im allergic to dogs, and her hair does bother me, but its worth it!!!!

  2. See if you can get a dog that will qualify as a therapy dog. My friend did that and they take the dog with them everywhere!
    Michael loves our dogs, but it is not a soothing thing for him. They do get in his face and interrupt his play (which can actually be a good thing).


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