I Won, I Really Won!

My wonderfully sweet bloggy friend Stacey over at Love and Chaos hosted a CHRISTmas giveaway, and I WON!!!!  She has been more than patient with me since I’ve been sick and pretty much absent from blogging here lately!  But THANK YOU sweet friend!  Your gifts warmed my heart and cheered me up!  It’s been pretty lonely around here with Norman on TDY, so this was a welcome “pick me up” gift! Thank you so much Stace! 

So you are all probably wondering what goodies I got!!! 

bloggift1 My gifts came in a stocking that has iron-on personalized letters!  So cool!  And inside was…

Bloggift2 A magnetic snowman notepad, an adorable snowman figurine, a precious snowman ornament, a Santa gel cling, Rudy’s cocoa mint ANTI-BACTERIAL HAND GEL!!!  This scored HUGE points with me because anyone who knows me knows that I never leave home without hand sanitizer!!!  And a bottle of red nail polish (which I will be using to paint my nails for the upcoming military holiday party!  I LOVE each of these gifts, and two of them already have homes…

bloggift3 My Snowman figurine has a place of his own on our mantle above the fireplace, and my ornament has a cozy spot on our tree :). 

bloggift4 Thank you so much, Stacey, for the thoughtful gifts and for brightening my week!!!  I’m so glad we have become bloggy friends!   

And to all of my friends who haven’t had the privilege of visiting Stacey’s blog, hop on over there right now to say hello and cruise around her blog!  http://loveandchaos71.blogspot.com/


  1. You're welcome! You already have your tree up?!

  2. Congrats on winning! I hope you are feeling well now. Do you seriously have your tree up? I'm still finalizing my Thanksgiving menu and doing some organizing before everyone comes over next week.


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