Just me and the boys…

Norman is TDY this week, so I’ve had my hands full with both boys this week…and it’s only Wednesday!  They are being good though, so I can’t complain, but boy am I ready for bedtime each night!

Eli is doing great in school, and his IEP team is fantastic.  He is right on track with the other first graders, so I am happy that he’s been able to come home and pretty much resume “normal” life.  He and Chase had a great time dressing up for Halloween (Eli went as Bumblebee and Chase was Buzz Lightyear), and I absolutely cannot believe that it’s November already.   Halloween2010b


October was a busy month for us; we had weekend visitors two weeks in a row, and it was so nice!  My parents were able to come visit for Eli’s birthday, and then Norman’s aunt and uncle were on their way to visit other family members and were able to spend a couple of days with us as well!  It made me realize I need to get on with the rest of these home projects, and finish painting the walls and trim.  I am having trouble deciding on the color for the formal dining/living room.  Anyone have any suggestions?!  I need help!!  I am leaning toward a pretty gray with some lavender undertones on the top part of the wall in the dining room and leaving the wall white under the chair rail in the dining room section of the room, but painting the rest of the walls in that same color.  I’ve already painted the guest bathroom downstairs, kitchen, and Eli and Chase’s room upstairs.  I still have a lot to do, but I am going to do the dining/living room next.  

Alright, that’s all for now.  Eli is cuddled up next to me going to sleep and Chase is playing trucks and chasing the cat so I need to wake Eli up and find something better for Chase to do ;).  Adios!


  1. It brings me to tears and warms my heart looking at your pic of Eli and Chase! I'm so glad to hear Eli is adjusting well at home and school, so wonderful.
    Regarding the paint question, grey with lavender accents sounds beautiful.I recently watched the Nate Berkus show, he showed many ways the color grey works well in your home, especially with blue. But, lavendar sounds even better!

  2. Your boys look so cute in their costumes!!

    Just doing some blog hopping and stopping in to say hi! :)

  3. Oh what gorgeous boys you have. I read that he was A bumblebee at first and was so confused by Eli's costume. *ahem* I get it now :)

    You are so lucky to have a great services team that is working with your IEP - be grateful.


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