A New Weekly Tradition: The Sunday Feature

The Sunday Feature will be a  design from my Creativeleigh Yours Shop that I will feature for one week.  Each week the design will change, and sometimes the feature will be clothing or electronics or a number of other items. 

Now, the Sunday feature will be a design of my choosing, and at some point during the week, for one day only, I will be offering a discount.  So if you are interested in this shop program and are not a follower of my blog,  become a follower and add me to your feed.  I will also be doing giveaways for followers of my blog and facebook fans, so there are many good things to come!  Giveaways, discounts, being the first to find out about new products…what’s not to love about it??!!! 

Monday Madness for my handbags and jewelry will  be returning shortly, so keep an eye out for those deals as well, and as with the Sunday Feature, if you become a follower you can take advantage of sales available only to followers of our blog and Facebook fans. 

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And now, without further ado, the first ever Sunday Feature!  Keep in mind we have dozens of tee shirt styles and colors and sizes, but here is the logo on one of our available tee’s.  This week we are promoting ADOPTION!  Adoption changes lives, and if circumstances were different and we didn’t have a special needs child who demanded so much of our attention, we would have loved to adopt.  We even went through the Alabama state foster and adoption program and were cleared to adopt…and then found out we were pregnant with our youngest son, Chase.  And THEN found out that our oldest, Eli, was autistic, ADHD, ODD, and a bunch of other acronyms which most people don’t understand. 

This is the FIRST of our adoption designs, so please check back soon for more , but here is our Sunday Feature Design! 


Click here to view all of the available tees with the logo, "Adoption Changes Lives".

And be sure to check back each week to see each new featured design!

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