Our family is growing!

By another four feet!  I already introduced you to Gris, my beloved 8 week 2 pound Chinese Crested Hairless that I have wanted for 6 loooong years… (his belly is hairless, but he is starting to lose his baby hair along the sides of his body and he’s just simply precious!!!)


Then, when talking to my mom, she told me about seeing an ad for Chinese Crested Powderpuffs that a lady was giving away…FOR FREE. And did I mention they have papers?  Yep.  So on Saturday my good friend and her kiddos came over for a visit, and she loved Gris…so I happened to mention the puppies in the ad to my friend.  She was interested, so I called my mom and had her call the lady to see if the puppies were still available.  There were several who were needing homes and unbelievably only two were free.  So I called the woman to tell her that we wanted one of the puppies, and as soon as I hung up, I couldn’t believe that I would walk away from a Powderpuff…papered no less…for free.  So with the approval of my husband and some cheering from my friend, I called the lady back and claimed the second free pup.  He is 8 months old, and I am simply in love with both of my four-footed fur babies.  They have made great friends with each other, and they are bringing so much joy to us!  I have to thank my parents for driving to the other side of Oklahoma go pick them up, and then for meeting my friend and me at Fort Worth yesterday so that we could pick them up.  THANK YOU!  We both love our new babies!!! 

So everyone, meet Georgie!



Simon, our only cat is coping as well as can be expected for an old guy  :).  And I’m coping pretty well for being the only female in this house!  :)


  1. They are cute! You're a brave soul having 2 puppies at once to house train, good luck. yikes

  2. Cute! I don't think I could handle two puppies at the same time?? Good luck!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! They are such expensive dogs I just couldn't say no. I don't think I would ever have another chance like this and couldn't risk it! :) It's fun; even if I do have to set my alarm to let them out at 3am and 6am!!! :) It's like having two newborns! lol

  4. Adorable. And you are insane. :)


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