Spring is here!

Things have been so incredibly busy, that there are some days I don’t even turn on my computer!  I never thought I would see the day!

About three weeks ago, a childhood friend and my Dallas roommate, Misty and her husband came down to San Antonio,  and we got to meet up one evening for dinner and enjoy the fiesta that was going on downtown at Market Square.  The boys enjoyed riding junior sized mechanical bulls and buying necklaces with dead bugs and spiders in them.  I even held a live snake around my neck, and we had the absolute best time.  Misty, we will have to do it again soon!

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Two weeks ago, we signed the boys up for Tae Kwon Do, and so far ,even though they haven’t gone long yet, they have earned their first belt, their white belt.  I think they look so adorable in their uniforms, and they love their lesson days, which are Mondays and Fridays.  TKD1Eli is doing so well in school, his last report card had one B and the rest A’s, so I definitely cannot complain about that!  He takes after me in that math is his most difficult subject, but thank goodness Norman is here to help him with that, especially when he gets older. 

Our days here are so busy, with 4 days out of the 5 weekdays filled with activities and appointments.  Monday we have Tae Kwon Do, Tuesday is my day to either relax with the kids at home, or make appointments for myself or Chase.  Wednesday is Play/Talk therapy for Eli.  It depends on his needs as to which type of therapy he receives, but we are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful therapist who knows him so well and is truly the perfect match for him.  Thursdays are Eli’s Occupational Therapy days, and Friday is Tae Kwon Do again.  Eli used to have a social skills group on Saturday, but it just became too much so we figured the martial arts could fill that void.  Time will tell.

On April 1st Norman was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and we were so blessed to have my parents come into town to be a part of that day.  Former Congressman Rodriguez officiated the ceremony, and he and I pinned on Norman’s new rank.  It was a beautiful day for a beautiful ceremony, and I am so proud of Norman.  He is one step further up the ladder, and I am  just so happy to be able to watch him fulfill his dreams every day.  Hard to believe that I am 31 years old and married to a Lt. Col!  I remember when I married Norman, thinking that Lt. Col’s were SO powerful and they made my knees shake if I was ever around them!!!  And now that we are here, it is just so ironic that I feel no different than that 22 year old girl who was first introduced to the military when I married a Captain.  I’m just so proud of Norman.  He works so hard for our family, and doesn’t get the thanks he deserves. 

Promotion10 Promotion8 Promotion14 Promotion19 Life has just been wonderfully busy, and we are so blessed.  Every time we move, I always miss the friends I’ve left behind, but here, I have met so many wonderful people, and one of those people, I  feel is truly my “soul mate” of best friends.  Over and over we run into situations where we find ourselves saying, “Thank the Lord that He brought us here.”  The medical community, the wonderful people, and our wonderful  home…we are just finally where we need to be.  And I can’t wait to see what the upcoming weeks have in store!!! 



  1. Congrats to your husband on the promotion. Wow!
    I'm so glad that San Antonio has become a wonderful home for your family. It's good to see you happy. :)

  2. I know it is your job to advocate for your child, but aren't you ever afraid that he will hurt an innocent child? I would be nervous and scared if my child was in class with yours.

  3. Thank you Jonni! I truly appreciate it!

    Jennifer, in response to your comment, I am working with a team at school of about 7 teachers and specialists, he has a therapy team consisting of play, talk, group and then of course his psychiatrist. His medications are great and in the classroom besides his bounciness, he has friends, and has never hurt his classmates. If he ever did, he would be removed from the classroom.

    All I can say is that 1. I am not so irresponsible as to put him in a classroom if he is unstable. If he is unstable we keep him home and do medication changes. 2. You are insulting the school staff by insinuating that they would allow him to be unsupervised and irresponsible. Comments such as yours show the lack of education in what autism is and the treatment for it. He is a sweet child, has had great behavior at school (he gets stickers on a sticker chart if he has a good day) for the past two months, and poses no threat to anyone. The two times before that he has gotten violent, we take him immediately to the hospital, so I consider it offensive that you are believing I am that absent of a parent. You can live your life in fear of imperfect children in an imperfect world, but sooner or later, you will have a child in a class with your kids who is just like Eli. And I would hate to be in your shoes....living in fear. Fear comes from being uneducated. Educate yourself. And realize that there are responsible parents out there.


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