Holy Wow…

I haven’t blogged since APRIL?!?!  I knew it had been a while, but 6 months?!  I guess I really did take a break!  Sorry for not giving warning before dropping off the face of the earth!

Honestly we have been having so much going on with Eli, that my brain couldn’t take on anymore “activities”, so my Facebook  went by the wayside, and my blogging got left behind.  But it’s time to check in and re-join society! :)

So I will make this an update post.  Eli is at a therapeutic school right now, but will be coming home at Christmas break and starting back at the local public school (which is amazing!).  I wish I could say he was doing phenomenally, but he has suffered a couple of setbacks.  We do have faith in the school and his doctors though, and are hopeful that these last two months there will get him headed back in the right direction.  Speaking of Eli…today is his 8th BIRTHDAY!  I still can’t believe he is that old…but I can’t say it flew by either.  It has been a struggle, but one that I don’t plan on giving up on anytime soon.  I have so much hope for him and his future; we are just trusting in God and the plethora of doctors and therapists he works with! 

Chase is doing wonderfully.  He will turn 5 in January and will start Kindergarten the following fall!  It seems so strange to think that my baby will soon be 5!  I’m so sad!  He is growing entirely too fast. He is all about Power Rangers and Phineas and Ferb still.  He learned to swim over the summer, and he has gotten so independent.  But I still cave and let him crawl in bed with me when he comes in pretending to be scared and wants to snuggle.  ;)

Norman is doing well…he is feeling ready for retirement, and I am still hoping and praying that he does decide to get out at 20 years.  He goes back and forth on whether he wants to stay in longer or get out and do something else, but only time will tell.  He still has 4 and a half years left, and a lot can happen in that amount of time.  We will just keep praying and I know that God will direct our path to go where we need to. 

After a lot of consideration and deep thought, I am excited to say that I am about to start school to get my Real Estate license!  Before anybody freaks out about the market, the market here in Texas and San Antonio is unbelievable.  It somehow escaped the collapse that was happening all over the place, and the economy is remaining strong here.  I am excited to take this step in my life, and although I know that between family and classes it will take me awhile to get through everything, I am still excited to have chosen this direction.  The flexibility of it along with the income potential (and did I mention the FLEXIBILITY??!!)  makes this something well worth taking this shot.  :)  I am also hoping that Norman will continue to want to do this with me, and we will work as a team when he retires!  That is the plan, and I only hope it remains the plan.  I am tired of missing him all the time… It is exciting to think that we might get to see each other more than an hour or so a night during the week.  Only time will tell.

Well, that’s it!  Hopefully I will get back in to the blogging swing of things and keep up better.  Lots of love to all our wonderful friends and family.  We couldn’t do it without you! XOXO  I am posting some pictures below that were taken during my absence!  Enjoy!

Dollywood24 This was taken at Dollywood in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We took a family vacation with my parents and brother and sister-in-law and had a great time!

Disney64 After Dollywood we met up with Norman’s sister and her husband and their two children, and we took a vacation down to Disney World!  Norman hadn’t seen his sister in about 7 years!  Talk about a great place for a reunion!

Disney52 Eli, Chase, cousins Emily and Blake posing with Nemo outside the Nemo and Friends ride and Turtle Talk with Crush show.  This was the first time the cousins had ever met, although Emily was there for Eli’s birth – they don’t remember that! :)

Disney55Outside Nemo – a family shot!  We love Disney…we are going back in March; it’s our favorite family vacation spot!  

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