Frankinsence, Myrrh, and...ME!

As you know the three gifts the Wise Men brought to baby Jesus were gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Up until recently I had no idea what frankincense and myrrh were, and honestly (and embarrassingly) I never even bothered to find out.  I just figured it was something precious from that time, and it wouldn't affect me now.  But boy was I wrong.  I was so wrong that now I have both in my bedside table.  "What are they?" you ask.  They are oils from the earth. Oils that have been used for so long to cure so many things. 

Frankincense is used for either aromatic or topical use, and helps with relaxation, mood enhancement and immune support. Wonder how people actually made it all those years so that we are here to know about the things of the past?  They had Frankincense to help boost their immunity!  And Myrrh has been used for everything from meditation to embalming (ummm...yuck.), but it is especially known for its cleansing properties especially for the mouth and throat.  It is also especially excellent for calming irritated skin.  Lets just say we don't use it in this house for the embalming stuff.  We will leave that to the Turners of the world.  :)  (They run the funeral home back home...hey Andee...do you use Myrrh? :)  Now I have to know.  Who knows, maybe they still do.  I expect you to leave me a comment with my answer! 

But back to the oils, my friend, and I think cousin through marriage somehow, got started selling doTERRA Essential Oils.  With Eli being Autistic and us trying to maintain as much as a healthy way of living as possible without being organic freaks...not that there's anything wrong with being an organic freak, it just would take too much effort, and frankly I have no extra effort to spend on anything other than homeschooling, getting ready for a move, and just living with a special needs kid and a crazy life.  I thought that the oils would be an easy way to go natural a little more without being totally crazy about it.  Instead of popping Excedrin, you rub a little headache oil on your head, and BAM! Faster than the Excedrin would kick in, you've kicked that headache to the curb.  Good stuff.  And honestly, I wasn't prepared for it to work so fast...or...lets be honest.  I am not so sure I had any faith that it wasn't just being sold to me by some company that put something in some water and gave it different names.  Yes, I am skeptical.  I didn't expect it to work.  I didn't expect to want to give it to my kids, and I didn't expect to freak out when I realized out I was out of one particular oil.  I wasn't prepared to want to add it to my toothbrush, tell my mom about it, and rant and rave like a mad woman that these crazy oils have changed the way I think about living.  But they have, and maybe I should be embarrassed about it, but I'm just not.  I am happy to share with anyone and everyone what they are and what they have done for me.  If that makes me crazy, so be it. 

I mean, NO WONDER people are still hanging around.  They had the best medicine out there to beat diseases, cancers, and even the minor issues of toenail fungus (gross, gross, gross)and migraines. 

What it does for my insomnia....beyond phenomenal.  I want to have another baby just to try out the teething oils!  How insane is that.  Yes, I know, VERY.  Maybe I could borrow someone else's baby. Anyone want to volunteer their baby?!  That would be more practical.  What the deep blue combination of oils does for my restless leg syndrome is insane and I could just kiss the bottle....or not.  My lips might go numb if they got into contact with the deep blue. 

The point is, this skeptic is won completely over.  I am hooked, my family is all on them, my kids roll their eyes and groan, "not more oils, moooooommmmmm".  :)  But of course the answer is yes, and it always will be, so long as they continue to amaze me and make me feel better when I am sick, keep everyone in the house well during the worst time of year, kill bacteria and wow the people at the Perot Museum in Dallas , Texas (true story) and make our lives just a little bit healthier. 

No way will this chick go 100% green, I love my van, I will not avoid meat - hellooooo....farmer's daughter! And I like plastic shopping bags.  What can I say.  But I can help out my liver by avoiding the junk big pharma likes to put in their pain pills when I decide on a few drops of oil.  Or instead of reaching for Nyquil to help me sleep, I rub lavender on my feet for a non drunk feeling of rest.  I can do these small things to show my children that when God created this world and put us in it, he gave us all we needed to succeed...and not only live and succeed, but to do that and thrive. 

If you have not heard anything about oils or ever checked them out, please do.  You can go to this website http://www.eeoils.me/ select the link "select a health issue" and then find out what oils you need to clear up anything from sinusitis to strep throat without seeing a doctor.  You can then go to http://usedoterra.weebly.com/ , visit the last page of the site and click the blue wording at the bottom of the page to order products.  No "salesman", no person trying to get you to buy a box that will cost you a hundred bucks.  Buy what you want when you want and IF you want.  Now, that being said, I am happy to answer questions.  I am still asking a ton from my friend, and I know she must inwardly groan every time my name pops up on her caller ID.  :) 

BUT!!!!  If you are too late for oils, and find yourself in need of a fine funeral home, I highly recommend Turner Funeral Home in Oklahoma.  They are great friends and so professional.  You can visit their site here to learn about pre-planning.  http://turnerfh.net/  My husband and I actually just wrote our obituaries the other day, so you can't start planning these things too soon, oils or not, and I do expect Andee to answer my Myrrh question in the comments section, so feel free to post your hello's to the professional funeral home director who will be reading this. 

Take care of yourself this winter...it is a brutal one!  Love you guys! xoxo!

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