I'm baaaack! And I am now a RETIRED military wife!!! :)

Wow...it has been ages since I blogged. With it being so much easier to keep up with everyone on Facebook, along with the ease of taking pictures via my phone, I haven't really been motivated to pull out my "real" camera and do some true picture taking! 

So many changes have occurred this past year.  Norman retired from the military (YAY!), and we now live in a suburb of Dallas.  Both boys are doing well, and with them in soccer now, I decided to spend my time on the sidelines during their practices actually doing some practicing of my own...working on my photography.  I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday when I set off on this journey to become a better photographer...it is more difficult than I remember, and it will definitely take some time to get my skill back!  I am going to *try* to post more here, put more pictures here, and update more on our life...you get it...HERE.  Honestly I see too much junk on FB that I don't care about, and I figure if you really want to keep up with our family, you can visit us here to see pictures and find out what we are up to.

So for my first post back I am keeping things short and sweet. Here are some photos of Chase's soccer practice last night.  I am going to try to work on nighttime shots for Eli's practices, but since they practice well after dark, I'm not sure I will be able to get anything good until spring.  Here's hoping!  It's good to be back in the blogging world, and I look forward to comments and catching up with all my other friends blogs! 


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