Eli's 12!!!

This weekend Eli turned 12, and we took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Pretty fun for the kids, but it was not my most favorite little trip.  I say little, because GWL is literally right across the street from us here in Grapevine lol.  We were super blessed because my parents were able to come down for Eli's birthday celebration.  
We are all doing well, and just rolling along preparing for the holidays.  The kids are ready for Halloween, and I am just wishing I had a yard to decorate.  This time next year for sure.  If not, I believe I will jump out my window up here on the 3rd floor. We are just being super picky, and I know it will pay off in the long run.  We are not willing to compromise on several things like the fact that we refuse to buy  a home that needs any renovation projects.  I want dark cabinets and floors, We want 3500 plus square feet, and we want a pool.  We are willing to put one in if we find the perfect home, but that is the ONLY thing we are willing to compromise on. Wish us luck;  I am really anxious having to deal with all these stairs on a daily basis after my fall in 2012.  

Well, just had to check in and post a quick update.  I actually re opened my blog and made it public after some more thought.  Things have been crazy with the passing of Norman's mother, my school taking up most of my days, the house search, and now waiting on a potential crazy situation that may open up some doors for us in the strangest way.  I thought getting out of the military would stabilize our lives...that was crazy thinking!!!  We are enjoying the changes, though they  were hard in the beginning.  Now we are just able to travel and enjoy life, but we are still waiting to see where we are going to land.  Only God knows!  :)  XOXO

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