We're buying a house!

What a roller-coaster this house hunt has been for us, but the "third time's the charm" rule certainly seemed to hold true! We are set to close on November 30th, and this is the best Christmas present ever!! The home is in Frisco, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the school district and the location.  It looks like this holiday season will be busier than most, so I have already done most of my Christmas shopping.

I finish up my first section of classes for my master's degree, and now that I have chosen a specialized field, my amount of time went from being 18 months to THREE years! Yikes! But when I put that into perspective, I recognize that Chase will only be in 5th grade, so that makes me feel better about it. Being able to stay home with the kiddos has been a huge blessing, so I can't complain about three more years of that.

But back to the house subject...after much thought (and negative response from some family and friends) I have decided to post house updates solely on my blog.  That way, those of you who genuinely care and want to follow our progress may do so, and those who want to be mean about it don't have to see it in their news feeds.

Just wanted to put that out there to let you guys know this is the spot to keep up with our home buying/moving/reno projects that will come with being in a new home!  Although we close on the 30th, we aren't actually moving in until the weekend of December 18th to give their kiddos and our kiddos the chance to finish the semester in their school districts.  Coming back after Christmas will be a fresh start for them in a new school, and we feel it works out really well.

I'll update when I have more info!


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