Home Sweet Home!

Well, we've been in this house just a little over a month, and it has been amazing!  Even in the house we owned in San Antonio we never felt this settled and at ease in the home and neighborhood.  The kids are settling into school well, and we really like our routine!  Norman is on the hunt for a new job; his job now is absolutely killing him, and he has to find a better work environment asap.  It's just killing him, and watching the madness he has to deal with breaks my heart.  :(

I'm so glad January is almost over.  Even though it is a happy month for us with Chase's birthday and Norman's and my anniversary, it just seems like such a slow, dreary month.  At least February is short, and it leads into SPRING!  Yeah!  We live for summer around here, so as we get closer to June, the happier I get.  I tend to hibernate during the winter months for sure.

I am still in grad school...still rocking along writing papers, studying all the time, and starting to plan for my internships and residencies which are coming up in a few months.  My mom will have to come down and help out with the kids while I am gone for those, and I am just so thankful she is able to do it.  I have two weeks left in my current quarter, then I have a two week break in between courses, which is nice.

I had surgery Monday to get my gallbladder out, and that was NOT something I had planned on!  It was so weird; I had a very intense pain on the preceding Tuesday that had me rushing to the ER.  They immediately did an ultrasound and found that I indeed had a blocked gallbladder, and that I would need to get the thing removed.  That was fun.  I'm almost out of pain meds, but still have a lot of pain, so that should be fun.  At least it's over with.

We celebrated Chase's 9th birthday on the 23rd, and my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece were able to come down and be with us.  We all went to Medieval Times and had a ball.  My niece is 3, and she had a rose thrown to her by a knight, so that was really sweet!  And speaking of my niece...my sister-in-law is EXPECTING!!! Yep!  I'm gonna be an auntie again!! :)  We are all very excited, and I can't wait to start buying baby stuff again. Hooray!

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