Holy Crap Week - Top 4

That seems to be the phrase for me this week...my mom's favorite, by the way.  But holy crap, cow, Hannah...whatever floats your boat.  This week is nuts, and thankfully tomorrow is Friday.  So lets go over some of the best holy crap moments I've had this week. I've saved the best for last...

School e-mails.  Holy Crap.  My oldest started junior high, and each teacher sends an email once a day (at least), which would NOT be a problem if I didn't hate email so much, start an account in 1997, and check it only a few times a year.  I have done a major clean out and I am down to...wanna guess how many emails?  101,024.  Yes.  You see that correctly.  If it weren't for the fact that my kid's class has a facebook page I follow, I wouldn't have even known they were sending out massive amounts of info, or that my son was neglecting to study for a social studies quiz tomorrow when it looks like the other kids were actually trying to get a good grade by studying.  I mean, it's my job to get on his case make sure he invests in his future by studying, right?  I've gotta get my act together.
2nd Holy Crap moment is more than a moment...it;s a state of mind lately.  We are transitioning (yes, still) from the military to civilian life, and holy crap batman...it's hard.  We read the stats...most people don't find "the job" the first go round (true), it can take months to even land a job (true. Absofreakinglutely true, and your bills don't care that you are in transition, or your air conditioning unit, or your vehicle tires...), and it's sort of like an initiation - not many people are immune from what I can see.  Also, military-friendly?  Only true if you have a few years in...not a 20 year retiree.  If you are in this position (aka - our position), it sucks.  Hubs 1st job sucked, and he stuck it out 18 months.  He's starting a new one in a week and a half, and hopefully this one will be "the one".  But the problem with finding, "the one", leads to Holy Crap moment number 3...

3rd Holy Crap moment.  Finally realizing that even though you want to stop moving, put down roots, and even bought a HOUSE, you still have the innate urge to change locations at the 2 or 3 year mark. I've had a pile of boxes in my dining room (pile, meaning the entire dining room up to the ceiling is filled with boxes) since we bought the house in December that I haven't unpacked, and I've blamed lots of things...gallbladder surgery, sinus surgery...totally off the wall incident that led to a hospital stay...The boxes are still there, and I say I'll get to them.  But I think I am expecting to move, and holy crap, now that we have a house and hopefully a job, I am realizing what I knew all along - Dallas isn't where I want to land. There, I said it.  Mom and Dad, if you are reading, don't freak out; I'm sure we will hang out here awhile; if for no other reason than to let some equity build in our house since we only bought it 9 months ago and I have the insane urge to move across the country. Maybe I should offer to host Thanksgiving?  I'll bet that might get me motivated to clean things out of there.  Nah...

Final Holy Crap moment...realizing something else that I knew all along...it's time to stop giving chances to people who don't deserve it.  I've managed to marry into the Idiot Mafia, I'm 37 years old, and I don't want this drama that started from day 1 of my marriage to continue, because their behavior isn't just idiotic, but some of it is downright felonious.  Yes, as Christians, we are supposed to turn the other cheek, but after they run you over with a bulldozer, you don't continue to lay in the road. So this is me getting off that road, blowing up the road, and moving on in my own journey.

I am thankful for the weekend coming up, having my kiddos home, and having some time to ourselves.  No more drama for this momma!  Have a fantastic week friends!


  1. Stace, Whew, sounds like y'all are undergoing a lot of adjustments! Getting a job in this horrible economy is awful. DH has been out of work for more than a year after his company downsized. This isn't the first time we've been through it and I'm sure it won't be the last but if he can get another good job that lasts for 10 years then we can think about retirement. Yes, retirement! The years zip by way too fast. Enjoy the chaos with the zillion emails, the hubs figuring out civilian life, and the whole settling into a new place or two. It's nice meeting you through Friendship Friday! ;)

  2. Holy Crap! That's a lot of emails!!!! ;)
    Job searching is painful and finding a job that you actually like is even more painful. I hope that your husband's new job is much better than the last!!
    Good for you for drawing the line and creating healthy barriers. Sometimes you just need to take care of you and your immediate family. Those who bring unhealthy drama into your life are not worth the energy and as moms we need all the energy!! It isn't easy to do but sometimes it is necessary. I've been there.
    TGIF - I hope your weekend is wonderful!!!!

  3. We're dropping by from Create With Joy to say hello, and congrats on being the Friday Friend of the Week there. :)

    It sure sounds like you have lots of transitions going on in your life. Here's hoping and praying things start falling in place real soon.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Hey, I found you on Mom Bloggers Club. Hope everything works out for you. May I suggest you create a new email account and give the new one to the teachers. I would have major anxiety sorting through that many emails and I'm sure 98.5% of them are irrelevant. It'll save yourself the headache. Much luck!


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