New York State of Mind...and Today

A year ago today...well...this week, I went on a fantastic trip with one of my oldest and dearest friends to New York City.  We Dallas girls took a break from our roles as mommies and wives to do some good old fashioned sightseeing.  NYC is my favorite city...the sights...all the movement...the crazy stuff you see in Times Square...there's absolutely no place on Earth like it.  I mean, where else can you be serenaded at 7:00 in the morning by a homeless dude to the tune of a song honoring your home state (Deep In the Heart of Texas) as you wait to visit the Statue of Liberty? As a nod and a shout out to my home-sister, can I get an "amirite"?! :) You should totally experience this at least once in your life...as well as walking the Brooklyn Bridge with a bag that weighs about 30 pounds :). That part should be required.  

So if this time last year was so exciting, how am I outdoing myself this week?  Well, today, my husband decided that it was time to have a real excuse to buy all new tires for my minivan...yes, I drive a minivan...So he decided that he would do this in style, zipping down the Sam Rayburn Tollway at about 70-75 mph, blowing out a tire and nearly wrecking said van.  Which, by the way, would have been the 2nd minivan he would have totaled (I'm only guessing it would have been totaled, due to all of his previous wrecking experience).  But he saved it, and his life, which I care about more, even though my minivan is pretty awesome, thankfully.  So as a wife who would have totally called roadside assistance to change the tire for me, I am proud to report that he changed the tire himself.  That IS something to be proud of, because I'm not gonna do it. Can I do it? Yep.  Would I do it? Nope. So props to him for manning up and doing what he is capable of doing. :)

And now we are finishing this fine evening by watching the "Commander-In-Chief Forum" on NBC. I'm not sure which one is worse...the actual car wreck, or the wreck of an interview with these two big idiots that our ignorant country have selected to represent our Democrat and Republican parties. Evidently America is stupid if these two are the best we can do.   I'm not going to get into policy on this post...I'll save that for perhaps another lovely discussion, but seriously I will just say that we are a retired military family and I'm very happy to not fall under military jurisdiction any longer.  Both candidates are powder-kegs waiting to just unleash idiocy on our country and around the world using patriotic Americans as their weapons.  So this week I did not outdo myself, for sure, but that just ensures my chances for doing something pretty awesome this time next year are extraordinarily high :).

Ciao peeps!


  1. Wow, what an exciting week you've had Stacey! Hope this adds to the excitement:

    You are our Friend Of The Week at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy, Week 241 - congrats!

    Have a fabulous week and hope you make lots of new blogging friends during your reign! :-)

  2. Thank you so much! You're so awesome! :)

  3. That sounds so fun!! LMAO I almost spit my tea out at the presidential idiots you mentioned! COULDN'T AGREE MORE! haha!!


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