We Were On A Break!!!

That line sound familiar? Ross from Friends anyone? I guess I'm showing my age.  Anyway, I HAVE been on a break, but not the fun kind...the "study my tail off because I'm in grad school" type of break that has been zero fun.  But now I am on a real break; I took a leave of absence because I am burned out.  I needed to check back in to mom role especially since the kiddos started back to school, and Eli started junior high which admittedly freaked me out more than it did him.

We are more settled in the house and getting familiar  with things (meaning I can get to the grocery store without a GPS).  The neighborhood is a little weird...even when you compare it to base housing.  The mommas around here are the helicopter kind, so I am a bit hesitant to let the kids run around the neighborhood, because if one of the heli-moms even thought the boys were arguing with each other they'd take their picture and put it up on the community board to tattle on the kids.  I have seen so many kids' pictures up it's insane, so we are just avoiding that, swimming in our own pool, keeping to ourselves and our friends and enjoying our new home.  If anyone ever posted their picture...well...I will keep that to myself.

Its pretty awesome that the roommate I had when I lived here in 2000 is basically my neighbor now, so we are blessed to be surrounded by her family and her parents plus some other friends I grew up with in the DFW area.

I am making it my goal to blog more (yes, I know, I've said that before) now that I'm taking a break from school.  I am used to being glued to the computer studying or writing papers/discussion posts/feedback/etc, so I am going to commit to blogging more since I don't have that commitment for a while.  I have to admit, I have been reading some of the most hilarious mom blogs, and it inspires me to blog about some situations we have as a family or just as a mom, but the thought that my thoughts may be offensive to some people holds me back.  I am working on that.  I'm pretty blunt in real life, but I still care what others think (most of the time)...so I try to reign in the comments and keep my sarcastic, rude, honest thoughts to myself.  But I'm starting to think that as long as I'm not hurting anyone, and I'm telling the truth about situations, why should it matter what other people think?  But being raised to always care what others think and now realizing that I shouldn't always have to be so sensitive because what I think matters too is a bit difficult.  So, warning...blogs may become more blunt, probably more funny, and more honest.  But I'm not gonna blog to keep up some "All-American" family facade...because we have an autistic kid that makes life hard sometimes a lot of the time, we are a military family having a difficult time transitioning to civilian life, and we have family issues that are sometimes so completely overwhelming I want to jump out my second floor window and call it a day.  Or a life.  Or whatever.  But it is what it is...I love my boys, my husband, our hairless dog, our demon cat, and our new life in Frisco.  And we have the best next door neighbors ever.  Seriously.  I think she will keep my secrets :).  So, shoutout my neighbor who may not want to be named on here :) and Misty...best neighbors because they don't knock on my door every day wanting something give me my space and know I am busy and overwhelmed :). Thanks girls!

And with all that said, I'll call it a day.  Until next time; ciao!


  1. Delighted to meet you Stacey - so glad you found us at Friendship Friday!
    I am a HUGE Friends fan and the whole "we were on a break" thing were some of the best moments of the show!

    Welcome back to the world of blogging. Look forward to getting to know you better (I host several parties throughout the week, so feel free to join us as you're able and connect with our awesome community!) :-)

    P.S. Thanks for sharing my badge on your sidebar - you rock! :-)

  2. I love the "We were on a break" line... I recently came back from a break, too. Sometimes you just need to step away and grab some space. I took two or three years. Really, I lost count.
    I love a witty, honest and not always polite blog. I say, be yourself and be real! You will enjoy it more and so will your readers. At least, I know I will!!
    Super glad to connect with you. I am looking forward to reading more!

  3. Preach. Please be sarcastic it makes posts more honest (the irony of that sentence isn't lost on me). I found your blog on MBC. Look forward to reading more.

  4. Thank you Elizabeth! I sincerely appreciate the comment! I'm getting my sea legs when it comes to brutal honesty online...stay tuned for some family drama lol! I'm still working up my nerve to do what some of my in-laws want, and that is for me to really express how I truly feel about their immature behavior. That will be really fun! :) XOXO


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