Custom Curtains and Media Cabinet Reveal!

Two posts ago I had written about how I was blessed to find Yvette Day with The Leopard Stitch to create and make the curtains for my living room and kitchen, as well as Adam and Jenny Uhrich with Hanky Planky to custom make my new media cabinet.  Well, my curtains are up, and I LOVE them, and my cabinet is finished and in its place, and I adore it as well.  I am super excited to share their work with you, and I highly encourage you to visit Hanky Planky on their Hanky Planky Etsy Shop. If you live in the north Texas area, please get a hold of Yvette to have her work her magic on your house!  I promise you won't regret it; she is absolutely amazing.

Here are pictures of my living room, dining, and kitchen! We finally have gotten our formal dining room set up, so pictures of that will come in a future post...and to our friends and family who are shocked that I cleaned out all the boxes...yep!  I actually got it done!  :)  Surprisingly it didn't take the 5 years I had estimated! haha!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to these two wonderful businesses and three fantastic people for bringing some beauty and creativity into our space.  We are so happy here in Frisco, we love our neighborhood, and we are fortunate to live on the best street in town!

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