Homeschooling, Curtains, and Cabinets! (Check out these local miracle workers!!!)

2016 sure ended with a bang, so we are bound and determined to make 2017 pretty dang awesome. So far we are having a great start, and part of that start has included some pretty significant changes for my 13 year old Aspie.  I went up to the middle school on Tuesday, the kids' first day back from Christmas break to dis-enroll him from public school, and that went a lot better than I had anticipated.  What I anticipated were a lot of questions, a lot of strange looks, and a lot of self-defense mode from the school officials.  However, the office staff was very professional, and the only questions I received came from the principal.  I was very direct, let him know all of my issues in a polite manner (I know, I know...that surprised everyone who knew about our situation, including my husband who I am sure had expected to have to bail me out of jail.)  What else can you expect when the most MINOR incident helping me make this decision was my kid getting attacked at school by a crazy child the day before Christmas break.  (My kiddo was defending two girls who would have been attacked themselves, so proud mama moment for me even though I was pretty furious at how the school handled the matter).  

Chase is still in public school and thriving, so he will stay there.  I am no crunchy, granola, "wish I lived in California" chick.  Lets face it...public school is freaking convenient.  And for Chase, who is loving being there (unless they start performing animal sacrifices), will continue to stay there.  Because if I had to homeschool two children I might die.  Because I want him to be where he is most happy.  

I am piece-mealing the curriculum for Eli thanks to the many helpful suggestions of homeschooling friends, and I am learning to find ways to teach what is necessary for his grade level in a way that is actually not deathly boring.  Maybe because it is less stressful than the papers and discussions I was doing in my masters program, or maybe because I miss the research of it, but I have enjoyed looking through all of the curriculum options out there and making my own path.  

Kitty the bunny is doing awesome, and the girl I adopted her from was being honest...she is truly litter-box trained, which rocks.  We are working on Fred (the dog) with his understanding that she is not an appetizer, but I expect that will take time.  Our actual kitty, Luna, could care less about her, so that is one pet I'm not worried about.  

I started taking the Christmas tree down yesterday, which I had mixed feelings about.  I had put it up on November 1st, and usually I drag my heels on taking things down, but after being hit by a tornado on Christmas Day this year, I kind of wanted to move on.  I am already looking at things to decorate with for upcoming holidays to make this place festive again, but overall I am just happy that we are all healthy and in a good place heading into 2017.  

This time last year I would have never guessed in a million years Norman would be resigning from his position at well...not gonna say...but it was a really good move for him.  He is still alive, and the job was killing him, so it was definitely the right choice.  And the fact that he gets every other Friday off is a serious perk.  Now that Eli is home, it will be neat to have some one-on-one time with him.  That kind of thing is pretty non-existent over here.  We always do everything as a group of 4, so this will be nice.  

I am pretty excited about a couple of things, and I want to do a shout-out to two LOCAL, FRISCO/DALLAS area individuals/businesses.  I am totally not getting paid to do this...who would pay to be featured on this blog??? lol! So anyway, the first is a wonderful lady here in Frisco.  Her name is Yvette Girouard Day, and she owns a business called The Leopard Stitch here in Frisco.  This woman is a miracle worker with all fabrics, and she is currently making me custom curtains for my living room and kitchen.  I will absolutely post pictures when everything is up.  If you are in the area, look her up on Facebook...her work is amazing!  I have several other projects in mind for her later on the more we get settled in.  Seat cushions, more custom curtains, etc.  Seriously.  Check her out. 

The second business owned by a couple is called Hanky Planky.  I have been working with them to design a custom media cabinet in a dark wood top and distressed teal base.  I am super happy with how helpful they have been and this is what the design will be, only instead of yellow, it will be dark wood/distressed teal.  This is NOT my photo...I snagged it off the Hanky Planky FB website, so please don't sue me for some sort of copyright infringement.  But this is the design I saw and begged them for, just not my colors.  I should have it done in 2 weeks, so again, like with the curtains, I will post pictures once I get my cabinet home and in her new spot.  

I struggled a lot with how to design my house...if you ask Yvette about how much I knew what I wanted for my curtains, she will laugh at you.  I had NO IDEA.  I have this internal struggle of wanting to design a farmhouse and a penthouse suite.  Meshing those two things...well, it doesn't work out great.  But I'm kind of doing it anyway, and it works for us.  It's rough being a former pig farmer turned city chick, but I'm making it work.  :)

That's all for tonight; everyone have a great weekend!  XOXO

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