Chase's Birthday and an Eli Update!

Chase has had one long, drawn out birthday celebration this year due to scheduling conflicts, but he finally had his party this weekend.  It was something else; I don't believe I've ever entertained as many people in my home...or any other place for that matter, and it was extremely fun, but very, very tiring!  Phase 1 of his birthday included taking him and his best friend to Escape the Room Dallas.  We chose to do "The Dig", and it was so much fun!  We escaped with one minute to spare, and it is something I am definitely looking forward to doing again!  If you have never heard of these Escape Rooms, check them out; they are a great family bonding experience as well as a fun party thing to do for kiddos.  

Saturday we had his actual party, and we had 11 kiddos, plus their parents, plus my family (parents, aunt and uncle)...we had a full house, and it was a lot of fun!  I ordered food ahead of time, because there was no way I was going to cook snacks for that many people, and Chase designed his own birthday cake.  I was surprised he didn't want a generic super-hero cake, but he didn't.  Here are a few photos from the day.  I didn't get many pool pictures (yes, it was a pool party :)  We are in Texas after all, and with a heated pool and a 75 degree day, it made for perfect pool party weather).  With all the torpedoes flying, pool noodles being used as swords, and kids doing flips off the side, I was more concerned about making sure nobody died on my watch than I was getting good photos lol.  But I managed to get a couple photos with kids being still long enough that they weren't blurred.  But seriously...10+ kids in a pool...that is sorta stressful!  :)  So here are some photos from Chase's day.  

First they started with board games and X-box while people started showing up...

Then they started hitting the pool...

Then we had cake.  Here you get the idea of how many kids really were there :)

It was pretty hectic, but the best part, was that Nana and Papa were able to come down...

So all in all we had an awesome weekend.  Mom and dad left yesterday after church, and we ended our weekend by having dinner with our small group at our preachers house, which was amazing.  Being out at his house...a log cabin surrounded by chickens and cattle made me really homesick and determined to start digging into looking into finding property out in the country we can build on.  I swore I would never move again, but after being in such a residential area where you can practically touch your neighbors house by leaning out your window, I am feeling really claustrophobic.  My biggest concern is Chase.  He is so attached to his school and his friends, I am so hesitant to move him...again.  But I'll start looking, and who knows.  My goal is to move when he would be making the transition from grade school to middle school.  If he's truly against it, I could hold off for him, but I'm hoping the draw of being out in the country will really appeal to him as long as he knows he can keep in touch with his friends.  We shall see.  We are in no rush, and we are very happy here.  We live on the best street and have the best neighbors, so I am hesitant to leave that, but ultimately I am a country girl at heart, and I want to get back to that.  

I am just glad to be out of the military and have the flexibility to move when we want to and when it is right for us.  That's really all that matters.  

***Eli update***

We added Ashwagandha to the other mineral compounds he is taking to help with added peace and calm during this detox, because he really is starting to itch and be exceedingly frustrated with the uncomfortable feelings he has.  It really does seem to help, so we will just keep going.  Naps are critical for this healing process, and we are so blessed with friends and family who are so supportive and understanding as we deal with this.  I wish there were more studies on heavy metal toxicity...I think a bunch of kiddos who are diagnosed with autism (like Eli was for 9 years) really are dealing with the effects of heavy metal toxicity.  So far, I am realizing that not many doctors are interested in truly healing their patients because they want repeat customers...not healthy patients.  Big difference.  If you have an autistic child, I highly recommend doing the hair mineral test to see if metal toxicity could even be playing the slightest role in your child's developmental delays.  It's amazing what that test can show...and for less than $200, it is absolutely worth it.  I have heard of cases of children being nonverbal, and then once the metals were removed, these kiddos began to talk.  Amazing things.  

Nobody leaves me comments here, but you guys do email me, text me, and fb message me about my posts, which I love! Feel free to comment...I do love comments, and I love discussing any of your thoughts or answering your questions about what we are doing with Eli, the compounds he is on, etc.  Your support is much appreciated...more than you know!  Thanks sweet friends! 😊

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