Crazy Awesome Week

I was so stressed the beginning of the week, because we are having a swimming party for Chase and like 10 of his friends on Saturday, plus family and our adult friends...It's getting out of control.  The catering, the cleaning...the cleaning is what does me in every time.  But I am surprisingly hanging in there and haven't lost my marbles...yet.

Sunday Norman and I went on our Valentine's Day date after church...to the gun range!  :)  Yes, I cling to my religion and my guns...because I have faith God will keep the bad guys from breaking in, but I also have faith that I will stop the bad guys if they do somehow get in my home. We had never been to the local gun club, but we are getting a membership, and plan on going weekly...hear that Norman?  I wanna go weekly to shoot!

Today was Eli's art class, and he is almost done with his project for the month that they work on.  They are studying Wayne Thiebaud, and he is doing a huge picture using different mediums to paint  cupcakes, so it is really cool.  I'm glad I found this art school and that he gets art history as well as just having a great time doing something that he loves to do.

Tonight we hosted small group, and had a really uplifting time. We are really blessed by our little group.  I'm so thankful for this church, and for Misty once again being an instigator in me being there.  I really scrubbed the downstairs floors to ceiling, so I'm half done cleaning and ready for guests.  I love having company, but man it stresses me out!!  :)

Tomorrow's Constitution class got postponed until next week due to just hectic schedules, but I'm thankful for the extra down time before things get crazy this weekend.  I'm super thankful Norman has a four-day weekend, because if there ever was a time I needed help, it's now.

As a side note - we are making progress on diet changes with Eli.  We have had to be really specific about him eating certain things...for example, he has to eat one Brazil Nut a day.  How funny is that? Chase has hopped on board with that, but all I can say is that I'm thankful they only eat one per day because at like $6 a pound...holy smokes!  He also has accepted that he has to eat a handful of some kind of flash dried vegetable mix every day, that I actually like.  It has cucumbers, squash, zucchini sliced into chips, asparagus stalks and green beans...We have a local health food store that has the greatest selection of...well...health foods lol.  And tonight I was so proud of him for eating the baked squash and zucchini I fixed.  You have to understand that this kid has a gag reflex like you wouldn't believe.  If he doesn't like it, it typically gets thrown up.  Yes...gross.  He's even thrown up on the dentist trying to get the molds taken of his teeth before he got his braces put on.  So for him to recognize how important this is...it's huge for us.  He's trying, and it's not easy.

He is now into the second week of the first phase of detox, and we are surviving.  Just like I kept his medical blog when he was younger, I guess here I am doing it all over again.  I am thankful to have a place where I can get everything down and be able to look back and know what happened when.  We actually discussed Chelation Therapy, but it was determined to be too risky.  With that kind of therapy, the release of toxins might happen too fast, and that would not be a good situation for him. He's uncomfortable as it is...rushing things just for the sake of getting toxins out faster is not worth the damage it might cause in the process.

So that's how our week's going.  Being with friends and planning on Saturday's party is keeping us busy enough.  Too busy.  I have missed living in a close knit neighborhood like we had in base housing, but we found that here, and I love it.  And to my gift bomber...you know who you are ;) ...you just wait...We love you dearly, and we are going to gift bomb you back so hard when you least expect it. ROFL!  You just wait!!  XOXO

That's all for now...now for a little Netflix binging...Night peeps.

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