Spring Fever!

Spring fever has definitely hit our home with a vengeance.  Our Spring Break is this week, and up until today we hadn't made any plans.  Usually I am a planner...and when it comes to summer vacation plans, we have those covered and ready to go.  But this week?  I totally dropped the ball there.

My parents came down this weekend, and we got to go to First Monday in Canton, TX. I hadn't been since I was a little girl, but my parents go pretty frequently so we decided to tag along with them this weekend.  You can literally find everything you could ever want there, and it would take days to see it all.  The saving grace for us was that anything I saw that I wanted was big (quilt ladders, huge farm signs, etc), and I just didn't want to carry it around or haul it back to the truck and then make the long trek back.  I did kind of want one of these...


Norman would have been less than thrilled, though, so I kept walking.

My parents did have some luck though.  They recently bought an Appaloosa horse named Scooter, and he needed a small saddle for the grandkids.  My brother and I are so blessed to have such loving grandparents, that they would buy another horse that has such a sweet and mellow disposition just for the kiddos.  They managed to find a beautiful saddle at a great price, so even though my mom didn't find the other thing she was looking for, at least they found a saddle for Scooter. I have a feeling we will be going more regularly now that I have had a taste of what I can find there.  It's like a home/yard decor wonderland.

So anyway, once my parents left, and I was staring at a week of Spring Break with no plans made, I started to panic.  I refuse to let my kiddos sit around, and the idea of a stay-cation was not my idea of fun, so I booked us a quick 4 night trip to Branson, MO.  We are going to see the show Moses at the Sight & Sound Theatre, go to the Castle of Chaos, see the Promised Land Zoo, maybe do the Butterfly Palace, and Dixie Stampede.  I just wanted to run away with the kids for a bit, so it should give us a little reprieve from the daily grind.

We had been saving our timeshare points for an overseas trip this summer, but we decided that Norman and I needed a get away sans kids, so that changed things.  We decided to go to Williamsburg, VA and Washington D.C. with the kids the 4th of July week for a family vacation, and then in August, Norman and I are going to the Sandals Resort on Great Exuma Island.  This is the island in the Bahamas where you can swim with the pigs!!! I am so excited you have no idea.  It has been a few years since we've done an all-inclusive trip just the two of us, so we are pretty stoked.  Mom and Dad are super sweet to take the kiddos for us and let us have this time to ourselves.

Finally...FINALLY we feel like we are settled.  It only took two and a half years...nearly three since retirement, but Norman is secure in his job, he likes it, and we are happy in our home and neighborhood.  The only thing I want to change at some point is that I want to build on some land...The city is wearing on me, like I mentioned in a previous post...but I love that Chase has friends in and out of the house all the time and that we have good friends on our street to hang out with.  Plus the thought of having to change churches...again...practically makes me want to break out in hives, so I think we will be here for at least a couple of years (unless something happens where a property comes up that we can't pass on).  We shall see.  It's something that I'm constantly keeping an eye out for, looking forward to, and dreading all at the same time.  Another move...ugh.  But land...yea! :) Yes, I'm very conflicted lol.


Eli is continuing to detox...not much has changed there.  I thought I would write a bit about the supplements and mineral compounds that he is on to help flush the toxins out of his system.  He is on 7 total.  They are:  Min-Chexe-PoiseTrace Minerals B-12Organically Bound MineralsZinc Liver ChelateAdrenal Desiccated, and last but not least, Ashwagandha.  All of them except the Ashwagandha work to restore and repair the body at the cellular level. Each name is a link to an info sheet in case you are curious what each does.  These sheets are pretty basic as far as the info they provide, but if you wish, you can do your own research to find out if any of these supplements may be helpful to you.  The Ashwagandha is something that we added because it does a lot to help with brain tissue repair as well as provide a sense of calm and peace when he gets frustrated or overwhelmed.  We just ordered 4 more bottles, and I am putting the whole family on it.  For those of you who were aware of the tumble I took down my stairs when we lived in San Antonio, I believe this is something that will help.  I still have trouble recalling some words once in a while, and my speaking isn't as fluent as it used to be.  Maybe this supplement can help.  Who knows.

In the next month or so, I plan on having Chase undergo the same hair analysis test, and I figure he will end up taking some of these same supplements.  Truth be told, our whole family could benefit from them, so who knows...we may be overrun with supplements here soon.  But if the supplements get Eli off his actual medications...I am all for that.  The Ashwagandha has such a calming effect that Eli has started coming to me to ask for it if he feels that he is getting too hyper.  He's starting to self-regulate some, and that is really encouraging.

That's all for now...I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about once we are back from Branson and back into the swing of things.  At least we are on the downhill slide to summer. I am sooooo ready for that! Ciao peeps!

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