4-H is Coming to Frisco/Little Elm!

I grew up in 4-H and FFA, and I have always wanted the opportunities I had in those organizations for my kids. I literally was born into this life of raising and showing livestock, I was delivering baby pigs by the age of 13, and I started my own feed business shortly after that as part of my projects.

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I have missed being a part of these organizations that hold so much meaning to me, that when I did some calling around to see what I needed to do to enroll my boys in 4-H, I was told that not only does Frisco not have a club, the lead county extension agent has been actively trying to recruit a leader for the Frisco/Little Elm area...for over two years.  

So meet your Frisco/Little Elm 4-H Club leader!  :)  I wanted to do a quick intro post to those of you who believe that 4-H is ONLY for the farm kids who show livestock.  The fact is that we live in the city...shocker right?!  The bigger shocker is that there are so many projects that people don't even associate with 4-H that deserve to be talked about, so let me introduce you to the opportunities available to you through this amazing, amazing club.  

4-H Club Project Categories

  • Community Service
  • Citizenship
  • Robotics
  • Rocketry and Aerospace
  • Veterinary Science
  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Interior Design
  • Photography
  • Theater and Performing Arts
  • Travel
  • Plants and Gardening
  • Outdoor Education and Living Skills
  • Safety (hunting, food prep, disaster preparedness)
  • Consumer Education
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Careers and Workforce Prep

And the list continues...seriously.  Can I do all of this on my own?  NO!  EMPHATICALLY NO!  Luckily I have a few wonderful people who have already stepped up to help, but in order to offer a wide variety of areas in our club, I have to have a lot of support.  I obviously cannot offer classes in all of these areas by myself.  If you are willing to help out or volunteer to lead a class, LET ME KNOW!  I will love you forever for it!  

How does 4-H Work?

The club runs from August to May typically, and in August, each member picks between one and three areas of interest to focus on.  For competitive students in areas that host competitions such as public speaking, for example, there are local, statewide, and national competitions.  During the year each member keeps a record book, and earns pins to put on their 4-H jacket when they complete their projects satisfactorily.  Also, as members compete and progress through competitions, they may end up representing their state on a national level.  

There are leadership conferences statewide, and the largest one that is an honor to attend is held in Washington D.C.  There are camps, conferences based on the different project areas, and so many opportunities to get outside of your comfort zone, travel, meet new friends, and explore your interests.   Animals and farming are actually such a small part of 4-H, that there is literally something for everyone no matter where you live.  

How much does 4-H cost?

4-H costs include the $25-$30 yearly enrollment fee, plus the fees for your project.  If you are showing an animal, the costs would be significantly more than if your main project is a robotics club that meets once or twice a month.  Factor in all supplies you will need for your project (fabric for sewing is going to cost more than working on public speaking).  Think about the financial commitment as well as the time commitment you need in order to do your project(s) well.  

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I know that this in no way answers all of your questions, but I hope it piques your interest at least a little bit so that you will want to investigate 4-H more for yourself.  If you are in Texas and interested in joining, please visit the Texas 4-H website.  If you live in Frisco or Little Elm and are interested in learning more about our club, please join our Frisco/Little Elm Facebook page.  I am very much looking forward to the exciting opportunities that we will create for the kiddos in our community this upcoming school year.  I encourage all of you to go out, get involved,  create your own family memories, and make an impact on your community!  

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