Photo Catch Up!

Holy smokes it's been awhile since I posted!  Things are starting to pick up the closer we get to summer, and I am not sure if I should be scared or excited! So much has been going on, so I'll try to quickly bring the blog up to speed.

A few week ago, some dear friends came to visit, and we got to take the kiddos to Medieval Times.  We love that place!  

The following week we had Chase's elementary school festival, and then we had date night with friends at one of our favorite places in Dallas, Sambuca 360. 


For Mother's Day weekend, we took a very quick trip up to Wichita, Kansas to see Norman's best friend from childhood graduate with her doctorate.  We worked it out with her mom so that it would be a surprise, and it was so worth the drive to get to surprise her!  They were sweet to snap a family photo for us. We also got to take the boys to Eskimo Joes, so that was a total bonus! GO POKES!  :)

After the reception, we drove on to Oklahoma City, spent the night, and then spent Sunday, Mother's Day, with my family at church then at the farm.  


And that brings us up to the present.  I have posted some other photos on Instagram, so follow me there if you want to see pictures of my mom's chicken coop that has a brand new chandelier :).  No wonder they say free range chickens are happier...they live in little mini coop mansions! 

We have date night this weekend out with my best friend and her husband and friends for her birthday, and ironically enough we are going to Sambuca! Yay! We are super happy for only 8 more days of school, then the summer chaos begins.  We have lots of travel and visitors on the agenda for the next few months, so I am ready to get it started.  Two trips to D.C., Williamsburg, Las Vegas, Charleston, Oklahoma, and company visiting us - both friends and family, plus lots of swimming with friends and getting a tan is also on the schedule.  Bring on summer!  I hope you all have lots of fun things planned with your families and get to make some lasting memories!  

Ciao Peeps!

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