Date Nights, Awards, and Fort Hood

For so long Norman and I didn't do date nights...at all.  Whether it was due to us being stationed somewhere where we didn't know anyone whom we trusted enough to watch the kids, or whether it was that we couldn't afford to pay a sitter an enormous amount AND have a date too...it just didn't happen.  As the kids are getting older and we are getting more and more settled in, we have started doing regular date nights, and I am here to tell you just how important they are. 

It is so easy to get caught up in a rut of doing the day to day things...job, kids, household chores...and just keep putting it off.  Admittedly there are some nights that we have reservations somewhere, and deep down I'm wishing I could throw on my pj's and watch Netflix.  But having that time to ourselves...as adults who have a relationship that needs nurturing is so important, and I'm always glad that I power through being exhausted sometimes and go out anyway.  

We tend to go to the same few places, and they feel like they are 'our' spots.  It's so nice to get that part of our relationship back, so I would like to encourage you that if you aren't making date night a priority...DO IT!  Lately we have been going every Friday OR Saturday night (just one night a week!!), and it makes our weeks so nice, knowing that no matter what stresses we may have during the week, we have that to look forward to.  

Here are a couple photos we took on two different date nights. 

Last Friday we had to go to Temple for a funeral, and on the way back, we stopped and did some shopping at Fort Hood.  It was so surreal to be on a military post again, and it really was nostalgic.  It made Norman so happy be on post, and it was really fun for me to watch him light up.  It was so weird to pull out our ID's and to see him get saluted at the gate.  It feels like so long ago that that was our everyday life.  

And finally, to get me completely caught up on here, yesterday Chase had his awards ceremony for his running club.  The goal was to run 100 miles this school year, and he did it!  He ran a total of 111 miles, and we are super proud of him.  He has one more day of school left, and he is actually pretty devastated about the year coming to a close.  He has had two wonderful teachers, and they have encouraged his love of learning, for which we are truly grateful.  


This weekend Norman and I have date night Friday, then our crew of 4 couples is going out to celebrate the end of the school year for our kiddos.  Nothing says school is out for summer and we can turn the alarms off like dancing to an awesome 80's cover band.  I am really excited.  I am a horrible dancer, but the food is absolutely delicious and Norman and I just have a really good time with our friends, who aren't embarrassed by my lack of coordination.  :)  

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a wonderful start to your summer! I look forward to seeing all the vacation photos on all the blogs I follow, as well as on FB and Instagram!  If you don't follow me there, go ahead and start bc I post more pics on there.  

Have a great day!


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