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Generosity:Global - 2019 Mission Ball and Beyond

Kindness, love, compassion...but above all these...ACTION.  I have been thinking for days as to how I could adequately explain the generosity that fuels these extraordinary people day to day, and I've come to the realization that I can't.  So I will just write.

Norman and I first met Han and Sheena Saydam, owners of SPG, a Keller Williams Realtor firm when we were looking to buy.  Well, it didn't exactly happen in that order, but close enough.  We KNEW they owned the office we purchased our home from, but didn't meet until Mission Ball 2018.

We were drawn to Mission Ball because of what SPG was doing, by working alongside Generosity:Global (who was founded by the most incredible man and his wife Rich and Erika Akwo) who were bringing fresh, clean, drinkable water to the beautiful people of Cameroon.

We have a strong tie to Cameroon...her name is Siri, and she became  our daughter for a short time after Hurricane Katrina, and we fell in love with her spirit, her generosity, and her sweet, kind heart. (And  we are oh so thankful she did not cook up her specialty dish...guinea pigs. 😂) I love that memory so much. She's currently in Colorado, but she will forever remain family. I am so proud to say she is now a wife, a mother, a nurse, and an American citizen.  We are so proud of all she has achieved.

So due to our love of Cameroon, when we found out Mission Ball was bringing clean water to the people of Cameroon, there was no hesitation on our part. Norman and I were fully on board.  To date, Generosity:Global has drilled multiple wells, preventing women and children from having to walk hours through dangerous terrain just to bring home diseased water to their precious families.

Over the last 3 years, Generosity:Global has drilled 10 water wells, bringing clean water to 17,000 people! Their goal this year alone is to drill 10 more wells in beautiful Cameroon to bring water to 25,000 people!!! And even more amazing is that they just don't drill and leave.  They teach water hygiene.  They teach the people there how to maintain the equipment.  THEY CHANGE LIVES FOREVER.  Rich and Erica work tirelessly...they have small children, yet they sacrifice time that they could be doing family things so that they can help improve the lives and health of so, so many people.  And Han and Sheena.  For their kindness, words fail me.  Han served in the military, and Sheena is (in our military lingo), a military brat.  Not only have they served this country, but now they are bringing life, health and hope to the people of Cameroon.  They too, have small children, yet they never let that slow them down.  They do this work as a family, and it's simply amazing. This is what pure joy looks like...and the Akwo and Saydam families are the force behind it.  These pictures below show the love and grattiude of what they have been given, and the learning taking place about water hygiene.  What an absolute gift.

There are so many people behind the scenes working so hard alongside them, so forgive me for not naming you all individually.  I do want to mention Selen Saydam, Travell Bowie, Daria Hardaway, and Tina Frank.  I have to mention Tina, because after suffering a great loss in her life a short year ago, she keeps serving others, broken heart and all.  To everyone I forgot, I'm so, so sorry.  

We take water for granted. We turn on our showers and let the cold water run through the pipes to heat up to our liking.  Please remember the individuals who would do anything for the cup of clean water we let run down the drain.

This year, just as last year, SPG is the title sponsor of Mission Ball.  This means they paid for everything involved with this event so that 100% of the ticket sales and donations go to Generosity Global.  That right there isn't just's love in action.  If you are in the DMV area and would love to get dressed up for a spectacular evening, 100% benefitting these beautiful souls in Cameroon, join us on September 28, 2019.  Get your ticket by clicking this link .

Now I'm going to tell you about another project Generosity:Global has going on at the same time as their work in Africa.  These unbelievably giving people designed, built, and are operating a shower truck for the homeless.  The city of Baltimore has denied them permits, parking, you name it, they denied it.  Yet they persist.  They are the humble hands and feet of God on earth, doing things for others that wouldn't even cross most of our minds.  Simply put - they are amazing, and we are honored to not just know them but call them friends.  

So what can you do to support these amazing projects? 
*If you live in the DMV area and need to buy a home...use SPG -Saydam Properties Group.
They donate $1000 of each sale and purchase to Generosity:Global

*Buy a ticket or two, grab a friend and attend Mission Ball! 1 ticket alone gives clean water to between 8-15 people! YOU can be a part of this.  

*And last but not least, you can donate through the Generosity:Global website here -

Thank you to the Akwo and Saydam families, and all the others who work on other projects with could I not mention Selfless Saturdays, where they and a multitude of volunteers feed the homeless, provide them with necessities and offer them comfort? They do so much for everyone they come across, it's unbelievable.  Donate.  $1, $ doesn't matter.  Just do what you can to make this world a little better for individuals who desperately need your help.  Do you need a latte as much as a two year old needs water? Think about it, pray about it, yoga about it, whatever your thing it.  

I could keep going, but I don't want to lose anybody.  The bottom line is that there are hands and feet doing the work, but you know the makes the world go round.  They need money to keep going.  Give from your heart.  Your love can do so much good.  Things you can't even begin to imagine.

#wearegenerosityglobal #beyondcleanwater

*Note - all photos and statistical information were obtained from the writings of Rich Akwo and Sheena Saydam.  None of them were taken by me - they deserve all the credit.  ❤️

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