Blah blah blah

That pretty much sums it up! haha. The weather is cold, rainy, dreary, and with winds tearing thru the city at as much as 40 mph, I feel like I'm back in Oklahoma! Annnd after a couple of rough nights with Chase we had a REALLY rough one with Norman and me being up for much of the night trying to console poor unconsolable Chase so we are exhausted.

I took him to the peds today, and it turns out he has two infected ears and a bad sinus infection, so he got hit doubly hard. Our poor boys are cursed with Norman's and my sinus trouble, and I hate that we passed it along to them. I had a septoplasty and some other laser procedure done on my sinuses in May of 2005, but I'm sure I will need something more done later; I'm just putting it off as long as possible. All I know is that the next time they get near my nose to do anything sinus related, they are going to do a rhinoplasty and fix my nose the way I have always wanted it :). If I have to go thru the trauma, I might as well come out looking better right?!

Alright, I suppose I'm done rambling for now; I'm consumed with the television coverage of Obama/McCain. I think I'm getting old.


  1. I had a nose job! It was a long time ago after I had broken my nose three times (yeah, I'm accidental - what of it?!: ) and could no longer breathe. Well worth every penny...of course then it was my parents' penny.

  2. I believe it!! What a blessing it was to have it done and not have to pay for it!!! I'm very accidental too!! I should have mixed things up a bit when I was younger and instead of breaking an arm so often I should have broken my nose once!!! :) Do you watch Dr. 90210? In a perfect world, Dr. Rey would be my surgeon! :)

  3. Hope you get some sleep tonight. It is rare that I have a kid up in the night anymore, but back in the day, I was SO sleep deprived. Not good. Blessings to all of you, and thanks for coming by with BATW today!


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