I SWORE I'd never fly American...

But today I broke down and used my vouchers that they had issued to us after our nightmare flights home in December. It only ended up costing us $7 out of pocket when all was said and done, so if we can just MAKE IT OUT THERE via flights and not have to rent a stinkin' car, then I'll call it a successful trip. I can even put up with a few stupid people for only having to pay $7 bucks.

The main question I have been getting is, "What is going on and why are you flying home?" The answer is this... Eli was accepted into a program at a diagnostic center just outside of Austin, TX where they can do the full scale neurological, psychological, physical, social, etc tests and exams to get the correct diagnosis. We are flying out to Oklahoma on the 31st, and then after that Chase will be at my parents and I will be with Eli (depending on how long they let me stay IF they let me stay/visit/etc). So I'll probably be back and forth between my parents and the diagnostics place in Austin, TX.

The other main question I've been asked is, "Can you stay with Eli?" The answer to that is that I'm not sure, but I'm certain I won't be able to, which is why I've been asking to borrow friends couches and spare bedrooms around the Dallas area and Austin area.To my friends who will be giving me a place to sleep...a HUGE thank you... I don't even want to think about how much hotel costs would be...

And to my friends at home who are offering to help with Chase and moral support, I am truly thankful to you for that. It means more than you know.

Poor Norman will be staying here in DC, probably handling all the moving issues and solely in charge of the non-English speaking movers who will be wandering around our house not sure what to do. Pablo and Pedro are banned from this apartment, and I am trusting Norman to make sure that if those jokers show up, he will promptly show them the door. I keep hoping and praying that they won't get to our move until after we get back, but I don't think that will be the case... I'm just trying to focus hard on what is truly important, and right now whether my stuff arrives all organized to our home on base is just not that big of an issue right now. (Okay, in Stacey World, it really is important, but I am getting past that...)

So we will probably be in OK/TX for 6 weeks. Maybe longer...maybe less. It just depends on how things go with Eli and how quickly they can get to the bottom of things.

Alright, I have got an enormous headache, and I'm calling it quits on the computer. Thank you all so much for your emails and phone calls of support. I'm so exhausted that sometimes I think I would just sit and cry if I didn't have people praying for us and helping keep us focused. Eli is such a precious gift to us...He is forcing me to grow in ways I never would have dreamed I could, and I am so blessed to have such supporting, loving friends and family to help us in our journey. Night night...


  1. God speed, Stacey...remembering your family in our prayers...always!xoxox

  2. For $7 I'd fly with just about anyone. My issues in the past have been with Northwest. At least (hopefully) you'll get there! And cheap!

    It is wonderful news to hear that Eli was accepted into such a great program. Hopefully you'll learn everything you need to know about his condition to help him in the future.

  3. I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

  4. I will be praying for both a safe trip on American (my next one using the voucher went smoothly) and for the Dr.'s that will be treating Eli. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of everything which may cause more peace of mind for you.

  5. Thank you all so much... ((HUGS))

  6. I stalked you here from your husband's facebook page (we went to high school together). I hope all goes well with Eli's testing and that you're finally able to get some answers.

    I also hope your flight goes well. We've always had good luck with American.

  7. Okay... first thing's first... you DID swear never to fly American, ever again! I remember that! LOL! But for $7? Wow! Are you kidding? That's really...surprising! You can fly for just that much?

    Second thing is...who are Pablo and Pedro and why are they trying to live with you, anyway? Is there an older post that I missed or something?

    Third thing...I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it won't be traumatic for Eli to not have you and the rest of his family around for that period of time that he's in the place for treatment and assessment! I'm afraid that the process having to go through without his family around may do more bad than good...I really hope family gets to be with him through the whole entire thing...why do those people not allow that, anyway? Sigh!

    Stacey...you have got to be strong! I'm happy to hear that Eli is teaching you things you never dreamed you could ever do before...that's a good sign. You'll be alright. And Eli too.

    To end on a lighter note...I'm so amused to find out about "Stacey world"... I think there is a "Charity world" too...and the two worlds sound a lot the alike! lol!

  8. hello coming over from dubai-thank you for stopping by!

  9. Thanks Sandie and Rajani! I appreciate you commenting and letting me know you came by!

    Charity, it is only $7 because they issued us vouchers for screwing up our flights last time. So at least they made good on it. Oooookay...Pablo and Pedro...They were our non-English speaking packers when we moved from Ohio to here last May. I need to find the link to some of my old posts so you can get "the rest of the story" lol.

    I agree with you on Eli and his time at the center. I have mixed feelings about it honestly. He's at a place right now to where he's just so out of control that I think he kind of needs that separation. He doesn't realize that his behavior is different from other children, and I think it will take something this "big" to have an impact on him. Things don't phase him at all, which is good in one aspect because he doesn't really get afraid to go or scared of new people he meets, but is bad because you can't really make any big impressions on him or get him to understand the gravity of a situation. But I am mixed...as a mom, I don't want to leave my baby for a second KWIM? I worry about if he's brushing his teeth correctly and matching his clothes right and scrubbing his face and washing behind his ears when he bathes... I don't know. I'm just having to take a huge leap of faith and pray that they can help us. At this point, that is all I can do...

  10. Keep me updated with how the diagnostics are going

  11. hon, I am so sorry I have been out of the loop for so long and didn't reallize how crazy your life has gotten recently. I'm glad you found a diagnostics place for Eli and I hope and pray that they do the very best job they can to figure out what it is that Eli needs. I also hope and pray they do it quickly. I can't even immagine what you have to go through every day. My prayers are with you. If there is anything I can do for you, just holler.


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