I'm being so lazy...

So we are now number 15 on the housing list, and we had decided to paint the apartment back to normal this weekend...but did we? Nope! I stayed pretty high on cough syrup with codeine so adding paint fumes into that mix just seemed a bit dangerous.

But given the fact that I am potentially taking the boys on a 6 week trip to the midwest in 2 short weeks - and probably abandoning Norman during the move - I should get moving on the painting thing soon. Please pray my bronchitis goes away and I feel up to doing (ooohhh...anything really) stuff really soon.

Alright, I am actually going to end up this blog and work on my scrapbooking!! Norman was so sweet to take me to Michaels and actually look thru scrapbooking supplies with me, so I'm anxious to pull out my new supplies! :) I'm so addicted. Ciao peeps!


  1. 6 week vacation to the midwest?! Would that be to Oklahoma?! If so, I am soooo excited. If not, boo for you : )

  2. Yep, it would be back and forth between Oklahoma and TX. Chase will be with my parents the entire time, and I will go back and forth from home to the diagnostic center where they will be evaluating and doing all the neuro testing on Eli. Can you believe the timing??? I'm going to be gone and Norman will have to deal with getting us moved...Thank you GOD! lol

  3. Let me know if you need anything during that time. I'd be happy to help out in whatever way I can.

  4. You know what? This is crazy, but I actually am taking antibiotics right now, too! I woke up this morning with the sorest of sore throats! :( It's the weather! It's gotta be! It's just been sooo cold down here lately! Can you believe that? In the Philippines? The global climate is just losing it!

  5. p.s.

    May we both get better soon! Cheers!

  6. Melinda - Thank you!!! You are so sweet to offer!

    Charity - OH NO! I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well either...I hope you get well soon!!!


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