Rained Out

Today was going to be our fun trip up to Maryland to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  We had such a ball last year and I was super shocked (to say the least) at the level of “participation” by the people attending.  People dress up for this…and when I mean dress up, I mean DRESS UP in full renaissance gear.  Talk the way they talked back then, and I was so swept up in it I had to get a crown of flowers which I plan on wearing again, because I spent way too much on it because I just think it’s the coolest thing ever.  :)

Out of all the days it has said it was going to rain and didn’t, today had to actually be the day it decided to rain.  The festival runs thru the end of October so we won’t miss it, but I was looking forward to it today
We have had quite a week though, so maybe it is a blessing in disguise.  Eli has gone from “Student of the Week” the first of school to having some problems with his behavior.  Overall he is still much better than when he went to Meridell (if you want to read about his experience there, click on the link).  And I look back on where he was and sometimes get frustrated at myself that I am allowing myself to get wrapped up in the fact that he’s not a cookie-cutter kid, and (GASP) has had one episode a day for the past few days of school.  Only one episode?  Am I INSANE?  I have a highly functioning autistic child and he’s being slowly integrated into a “regular” Kindergarten classroom, that teacher has commented that he’s one of the smartest kids in the class, even though he can’t sit still and be nice be quiet and concentrate like everyone else. 

But I am still frustrated that these daily episodes are happening and getting worse each day.  Now, I understand Eli.  I know when something is new he does so much better, but when he gets settled and comfortable…watch out.  The aggressive side comes out.  Which makes me think he needs to go to a boot-camp school where the teacher makes him scared ;). I’m just kidding, but I think it would work out better for him. Because his teacher is so sweet…and I think he is now comfortable to be himself.
His episodes started out pretty harmless…him being frustrated and acting out because he wasn’t given time to finish something.  Okay, we know he has problems transitioning from one activity to the next.  It’s his MAJOR issue.  But by Friday (yesterday) he had taken tackle football to the next level here with neighborhood kids by hitting them when they didn’t pass him the ball, and at school he kicked this kid”L” 3 times.  YEP.  I said three.  So lets go over what happened yesterday.
We get in the car to go to school.  We listen to his Bible songs all the way there like we usually do.  We talk about Jesus and how He loves us and wants us to love other people, then since we were early, I pulled into the Commissary to say a little prayer together for him to have a good day.  I will fess up and say that I was super tired and nearly smashed into a truck because I thought I was stepping the brake but actually hit the gas.  Yeah, I am not the greatest driver, but I’m not normally THAT bad.  So anyway… We prayed and talked about what he would do if he got mad, frustrated, or needed a break.  TALK TO THE TEACHER BUDDY.  He emphatically agreed that that was our plan, and he would have a great day.  Then about an hour later, he was getting picked on by “L” (yes, I do find solace that “L” started it), but am sad that he couldn’t in his frustration find it in his little heart to just tell his teacher.  Why he can’t THINK before he ACTS is just one of those things that I don’t understand about autism.  I will never understand about it…and will forever feel that I am responsible by letting him get vaccinated.  YES, I am one of THOSE people who believe that the Thimerosol  and the other ingredients cause children to develop autism when they have either Fragile X or a weaker or different system than most.  But I digress…  Eli – talk to your teacher.  But he can’t/won’t/whatever.  So he’s getting in more trouble. 
And last night it dawned on Norman and me that he hasn’t had a break from one of his primary medications.  This medication requires a break every now and then, so this weekend is that break.  And ooooohhhh let me tell you, it’s a fun time here.  :)  So this is Amantadine Holiday weekend.  For some reason I didn’t mark down when we did the last one, so I’m not sure how long its been, which is part of my reason for wanting to record it here.  

So maybe the rain is a blessing in disguise??  We can get this medication issue worked out so that we can have a great week next week and go to the festival next weekend.  I can always hope right???  Well, here’s to surviving the next day and a half, and to a great week as a result of this pain.  No pain, no gain right?


  1. Maybe it's a good weekend to stay in. You guys can enjoy the festival a different weekend and hopefully Eli will be feeling better. Such a little trooper and I'm sure exhausting for him to feel like this. Makes you just want to give him lots of snuggles, hugs, and kisses. (although I'm sure it gets frustrating for you)
    I've changed my blog address so I'm not sure if you need to follow me again or change the link on your blog. Might want to check. It's www.thechocolatemousseblog.blogspot.com

    Stay dry!

  2. You'd feel better about things if you saw Michael today at soccer (arg). Or maybe not.
    There is something you can ask for called a Functional Behavior Assessment. A qualified school staff person observes him and the class and looks for things that might be setting him off. They can give ideas from an outsider point of view to help him assimilate better.
    Just a thought. :)

  3. Thank you, always, for your comments on my writings, which are always appreciated. We have been devastated over here by the fury of typhoon Ondoy. Our flood gates on the cliff where we live were broken by the marikina river below, and we have to sit and wait now for a new typhoon set to hit in 2-3 days. All the people on the other side of the river, they are just all gone right now...its just too devastating...

  4. Stace..You have an award waiting for you over at my blog!


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