I have really, really tried…

Almost every day at some point I pull up my page to blog, and I sit…and stare at the screen…and inevitably find myself on facebook…again.  I just have nothing.  NADA.  Zip.  Louisiana has sucked my brain cells out of my head.  No, not really – I am just BLAH.  We’re still trying to get settled and still working on the house.  Usually I am completely moved in with things up on the walls, curtains and decor up, and I am more adjusted.  Here, for some reason I just cannot get with the program.  Part of me thinks winter has something to do with it.  I have never moved in the winter before, and it stinks.  Some of it is the fact that we have no neighbors and rarely see anyone.  Given that the wait list to move into our neighborhood is 2+ years, I’m sure lots of families would be hacked off to see all the empty houses.  Normally I’m more motivated to get my house in order when I know I’ve got people coming over, etc, but that is not the case here.  I have decided that while Norman is gone this week to Minot, I really need to get myself in gear and make some headway.

Yes, I said Minot.  Norman has been working in his new job for only 3 days, and he already has a TDY.  (TDY means Temporary Duty…basically just a business trip.)  Minot in January…no thank you.  Poor guy!  From Minot he will go to DC to do some work, come home for the weekend and then fly back to DC on Tuesday.  The DC time makes me green with envy, but that’s life. 

Part of me has been very anxious over Norman’s court date that is coming up.  You guys remember that little car accident we had back in December?  Well, unfortunately for the first time the wreck was our fault, and Norman was the driver, soooo….anyway, he has to appear in court to find out what the fine is.  Hopefully we can AFFORD the fine…that is what I am stressing out over.  But I need to just calm down and remember that God has watched over us up until now, and He won’t stop now.  We will get through this, just like we get through everything else…one day and one dollar at a time.  We will survive…


  1. I feel ya, I can't make myself post anything. It's got to be winter that's doing it, I have absolutely NOTHING to say these days. (Except grumbles, but no one wants to sit down and read that!) Hope it gets better for you. :)

  2. Thanks Kat...Yep, that's all I have is complaints!!! :) Thanks for reading mine!!! Love ya!

  3. I get this way sometimes too...except for on my cooking blog. There is always something to blog about on there...lol.

  4. Hey there girl! I tagged you on my blog...take a look at my recent post :) Maybe this will jump start your blogging again :)


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