Annd...we are a party of 9

Yup, we have ourselves another sphynx 😍.  The lady we got Sheba from had sold her sibling to a terrible family who abused the kitten terribly. We wanted him, so we got first dibs. Chase had said he wanted a cat after his hamster died, so luckily he wanted THIS cat, so he has become Chase's baby and is now named Aiko. Sphynx cats have completely different personalities from other cats. They love to be on your lap, asleep on your chest, tucked into your side.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but they are such happy little things 💗. 

Our move is coming along. Monday the packers came, Tuesday the loaders came, yesterday (Wednesday) the painters came, Saturday morning the cleaners come...yep, we are moving along. The paint is aggravating my lungs, so I'm gonna stay at the hotel to let them rest and calm down. 

Well, thats all the update I have in me, so back to bed I go.  I will leave you with a picture of Aiko. 😻


New Member of the Family

Hello new blog readers/followers. I had been thinking for quite awhile that I needed to get off of FB and put the 24/7 anger and hostility that runs so rampant on there behind me. So here we are!

I have been blogging off and on since 2007, and I have found it to not only be therapeutic, but it is my journal of being a young mother,, a military wife,, now a civilian wife, and now we are coming full circle...Norman is moving us home...back to the country. So this blog will chronical our move and then the build of our home once we get started. 

I just wanted to thank my fb friends for following me over here and continuing to follow our lives. Just one request of my sweet friends...below this post you will see a link that says "no comments".  If you would click on that and leave me even a smiley face, it would totally make my day!!! After a comment is left, it should change to 2 comments, etc. Don't be a stranger...keep me posted on how you are!!! Please email me by clicking here!

Alright, thats all for now, I will just leave you with some pics of our new baby Sphynx, named Sheba.  😻


Tonight I am laying 4:30...unable to sleep.  I have so many emotions coursing through my body that I just can't quiet my mind.

This week we should get the go ahead on our move, and then we will be moving at lightening speed. I'm ready emotionally, but after Covid wrecked my body, I am concerned that this move will be impossibly hard.  Normally I'm not so emotional on my blog but for some reason tonight, the tears won't stop coming.  

I'm anxious to move from a place that is taking Covid seriously to a place where people believe its a joke. It scares me for my family bc Norman and I can't get it again, and the boys can't get it at all.  I guess we will be doing a lot of praying.  

I have been exhausting Google with all my internet searches. Searching for a new car ro replace my beloved minivan -don't laugh - I adored that car and some heifer ran me off the road into a guardrail the night of Norman's back surgery. Which was coincidentally 2 months after my surgery.  And then we got Covid. And then I tripped over my dog and got a concussion. Omg...2020 please stop.

I've been looking at the US Adoption website because as soon as we get moved, we are going to start the process to foster/adopt.  I've been all over pinterest searching for pool designs that will help help keep the OK red clay out of the pool...or the majority of it any way. I've been thinking I need to order the industrial dumpster now so that I can start getting rid of junk before the packers come...and there's so much more. I guess I just kind of needed to get it out.  

My birthday was last week...I'm 41, and Norman got me the sweetest cake.  It's only fitting that it is a farm cake, as he is moving me back to the country ;). Love you babe.  So I'll end on pictures of my beautiful cake. I have all the presents I'll ever need, right here under this roof. Norman and the boys are my everything. Thank you for loving me. Flaws and all.  💖


Lots and Lots of Changes! has been forever since I wrote last. The situation with Covid is not getting fact it's only getting worse. It seems like every day the numbers keep rising and breaking the previous days record. Texas, Florida and Arizona are now hot spots. We are still staying in as much as possible, and with Norman working from home we feel safe and secure in our own little bubble. 

We do have some pretty exciting news...we have decided to move back to Oklahoma to be near my family and also to escape this mess of being in the city during these turbulent times.  We bought two and a half acres, and we will be building a home just as soon as we can get our Virginia house sold.  Everything hinges on Norman's job being changed to full time telework. It looks very promising that it will work as it has been approved by 2 levels of people and he needs only one more person to finalize and sign it, and then we can put everything in motion. We are so excited, and I'm on pins and needles just anxious to have it 100% approved.  The kids are excited, and Norman and I are so ready to get out there. Hopefully next time I blog I will have good news to share about the move.  

Other than that, there's not much else happening. With Covid slowing everything down, there just isn't too much that's worth blogging about. 

I do want to give my Senegence business a little attention here. I have absolutely no idea how people have been finding my Senegence website, but several people have!  I am HORRIBLE at selling things because I always feel like I'm being pushy...and I definitely don't want to be THAT lady. Frankly, I signed up for the discount because I fell in love with all of their makeup.  I started (like everyone else) with trying Lipsense.  A friend of mine gave me a set for my birthday. But I actually let it sit in a drawer for a month, because I thought surely it wasn't that was from a mlm company. 😂 But then I tried it, and I was hooked.  I actually set up a fb page that someday, when I get brave enough, I will start doing tutorial videos and stuff...but I'm not ready to be that open just yet.  But I will give you a link to my website if you guys would like to give it a look.  We ship worldwide, so wherever you are from, you can get the best makeup ever. ☺ Please feel free to share my page to your friends too! You can also order directly from me, and I can ship you your order if you feel more comfortable that way.  

Click here to visit Stacey's Senegence store! :)

Alrighty, that's about all I've got for now.  It's 4:30 a.m., and I really need to at least get a couple hours of sleep in.  I hope you all have a great rest of your week!!! 😘


Family/Covid Update

Well, I suppose it's been about a week, and after feeling like my life has been on pause, I realize that it probably seems like I've ghosted everyone in my life except for about 4 people. 

I can't remember if I've posted here...I know I didn't on FB...that Norman's dad passed away on April 30. Emotionally I think we all feel like that time I slid off into the ditch, tires spinning, tears rolling, and banging on the steering wheel did no good, of course.  It's a helpless feeling. 

I was never close to my in-laws. There have been attempts over the years, but nothing ever took. Until now. We are getting things on track with my Sister-in-law, and especially during all this time, I'm so grateful Norman has his sister. I'm grateful our families, for our kids to have cousins on the Cannon side, even if they don't know each other now.  It's so important.  So I wanted to post a couple of pictures and let that be my tribute.  This family...these people...shaped my husband, good, bad, and otherwise. All of it had to happen just as it did for Norman to be the man I fell in love with and have made a life with.  So to all of his family, for all the good and all the light you brought into Normans life, thank you. 

Next am I doing? That's the question of the year right there, and I still don't have a good answer.  I think I'm slowly healing.  The burning is easing up on me, and now, more than anything I have chest congestion and pressure.  Joint pain is very bad in the mornings, and my legs ache most of the time, sometimes outright hurting, but it's not as consistently as before.  From day to day it seems as if I'm getting nowhere, but writing down my symptoms and comparing them from week to week has helped me realize I am moving forward...slowly.  To all who have sent cards and well wishes, especially to the boys, they have been a source of so much joy.  We are so blessed, and we love our friends and family dearly.  Thank you to all who hold us close in thoughts and prayers. I will try to start being more responsive on FB...I haven't meant to intentionally go quiet on everyone.  I appreciate everyone for giving us space.  Thank you.  I hope you all have a great week.


Life with Covid

Perhaps I should title this "Our Life with Covid", because that would be more realistic.  After two negative nose swabs (which hurt like you would not believe), one that was so painful it rivals some aspects of the disease, I was one of the 30% who were given a FALSE NEGATIVE diagnosis.  Yes, you read that right.  30% of all false diagnosis' are wrong, and I fell into that category...twice.  Lucky me. Once at a drive through testing facility and once at the Emergency Room, where they overruled  the false diagnosis after they did a CT Scan on me and found the ground glass opaciaties, which are crazy scary to see in the CT scans. (Please click here to better understand ground glass opaciaties and see what it looks like in lungs of Covid patients.) The long term effects of the Ground Glass Opaciaties in our lungs is not known, but there is speculation that there will be long term, life long damage. Yay.

If you have followed my Facebook page, then you know what hell our family has experienced since approximately March 10, although we didn't get the diagnosis until much, much later.  I have made my post available to the public, so please look up my story there...scroll down far enough, I promise it's there.  It has been shared unbelievably over 200 times, which just floors me.  My FB name is Stacey Rinehart Cannon, and you can Click HERE to visit Stacey's Facebook page.  Originally I had made the post private. I needed a way to get out all of the emotions I was feeling, and I'm a writer. Plus no way in the world did I want my parents really knowing how bad I was, so I kept the post limited as to who could view it.  But I finally realized how unfair and untrustworthy I was being, so I decided to come out with all of it.  Scary parts and all.  But I was right about one parents wanted to get me home, and even though TN has their borders shut down, I have no doubt my dad would saddle up his two horses, map out a way to get to me not using highways and any road on a map, and that blessed angel of a man would come get me to bring me back to OK where there are fewer cases and more doctors.  Once he told us his plan to come get me and smuggle me home (do I still live in the United States?!?!) we made him promise to stay put.  I love my parents so much. Nothing would have stopped him if I'd have said yes.  That kind of love is so rare, and I pray to God my children know that we would walk through fire for them as well.

It's been so surreal.  My mornings are hell. When I get up, my bones and lungs feel week and on fire.  And the afternoons are the worst. Each time I have showered, I have broken down in tears, because everything is hard. Washing my hair is a nightmare, towel drying takes every last ounce of energy I have, my skin hurts to be touched...(think of the worst, most painful bruise you have ever had, except the bruise is from your face to your toes).  Today the pain from just the water coming out of the shower head took my breath away.  By the time I got out of the shower I was coughing mucus up from my lungs - today is the first day of that...until now I have had a dry cough. Maybe that is good news?  Norman started some Postural Drainage techniques sent to him by a friend, so maybe that will help. 

I had slept until 3 this afternoon, so I hadn't been ready to go to bed until late, but the body aches and pain were so bad that reading (my usual escape) didn't work.  I did a bit of online shopping, but there's only so much I can spend before Norman kills me, and around 5am I woke him up asking for morphine.  Hopefully that will kick in soon.

You guys.  I implore you.  Don't get your hair done.  I get it, I really do. I'm sitting here with 4 inch roots looking like I've misplaced my dignity.  Let your nail appointments go.  Even if they open up.  Wear your masks no matter how dumb you feel.  I saw this meme, and it is so perfect.

You lungs still burn.  My chest feels like its on fire if I breathe too deeply.  I consider it a huge accomplishment if I go downstairs to the kitchen and come back up without having to rest at the kitchen table downstairs.  The pain of this is relentless, and it is unlike anything I've ever felt.  I would rather give birth, un-medicated, every single day...because at least there is an end in site with childbirth.  With this, in the support group I'm in, the general consensus is 6-8 weeks before you turn a corner, and then 3-5 months of slow recovery.  I believe my first symptoms were March 10th, so I have a ways to go.

The bright sides (there are a few)...the beautiful, beautiful bright sides are that I have my husband here.  They told me to quarantine apart from him, which Norman heard bc he was on the speaker phone when I got my diagnosis and instructions. Little did she know that even if I would have fought hard to stay in the guest room, there is no way we could last that long apart.  Besides, based on his symptoms, she diagnosed him as having it too, so we are quarantined together and keep contact with the boys minimal.  At the end of this they deserve a freaking amazing vacation because they have done so much for us...they have gone above and beyond, and Norman and I are so, so proud of them.  You know...everyone who is asking what they can do for us...they could send them cards.  That would make their day.  You guys, they are doing laundry, making food, taking care of 4 animals without being asked, they take out the trash, they bring in the mail, they accept grocery deliveries and sort everything and put it away. Eli is in here every 2-3 hours asking what he can do for us.  I want to do a card campaign for them.  Message me and I'll give you our address.  And you guys...on top of that they are doing their school work, and as we homeschool anyway, Chase has almost worked all the wat to the 1st 9 weeks of NEXT YEAR.  These precious boys deserve.. and need my only ask is that you guys take just a moment of your time to recognize our precious, hardworking boys.  That would absolutely make their week. #cardsforeli #cardsforchase #blessingsformyblessings

Alright you guys, the blessed morphine is easing the pain in my my muscles and bones, so I am going to try to nearly 7am.  I so appreciate your prayers and your good thoughts and your love and healing vibes.  To those we know...we love you and are so thankful for you.  To those we only know via the internet, an extra special thank you. Thank you for taking the time to think about and pray for us...simple strangers and 2 of so many who have this disease.  Thank you for caring about my children. I have so many feelings of thanks and gratitude to you for caring for us.  I pray that God sends down special blessings into your hearts and home. For friends and strangers, I pray for protection from this terrible disease. 

If you would like to send my boys (ages 13 - Chase and Eli - 16) a note or postcard, or even a comment here.. THEY WOULD ADORE COMMENTS!!!! Please comment below and if you would like to send a card or postcard, drop your email address and I will get it to you.  I want so badly for them to stay encouraged. We need them to keep going. 

Thank you for all your love and support.


Ramblings From Being on Lockdown...

Well, I felt compelled to write another blog about what it's like to be in lockdown.  We have been having our groceries delivered, but occasionally we have to go to the pharmacy to pick up medicines, and that unnerves me completely.  Norman suits up in his mask and gloves, and I go with him, but I stay in the truck.  I am petrified of getting this virus due to my asthma issues. Norman has been so awesome about going in and not making me feel bad, and I am eternally grateful.

With Virginia schools closed for the remainder of the year and Pennsylvania doing the same, I am grateful that at least some of the people are aware.  On the other hand, if the idiots who are still congregating would have stopped that nonsense, I think the restrictions would have been less restrictive.

Today I cancelled our summer trip...we were supposed to go to Branson and Williamsburg with the boys and a few of their best friends, but it was a necessary change of plans, even if restrictions are lifted.  It will just be too soon for us to feel safe.

Now that we have decided to move; however, any amount of vacation time and money we can save, the better. 
I am so over the moon to finally get back home to my home state of Oklahoma.

Norman and I are still struggling for our backs to heal.  Sometimes we get so aggravated at how sore our backs are, and I'm wondering if I will ever feel normal again.  It's frustrating.  When we move, we are tossing around the idea of buying a couple horses, since we really would like a couple acres of land. Or to just put them on the family farm. Who knows what will happen.  We will be moving within the next year or two, so we have time to work out the deets.

I have adored having Norman home teleworking.  I am so ready for Norman to retire.  Some people get annoyed by their spouses being home too often, but we thrive on being together, and we don't really do well apart.  I'm not clingy by nature, but we just have this peace and are thankful for every day we have to be together.  

As of April 7th, Norman and I had our first date, and I can't believe that it has been 19 years since we met, and we have been married for over 18 years.  I am so thankful for him.  He brings me me unconditionally, and there is no one on earth who treats me with such love and tender care...always putting our family first, and encouraging me in all that i do.  

Before I wind this up, i have to give a shout out to my precious Sister-in-Law, Mel, for her ability to forgive us for the many things that she knows...and I refuse to disclose any of it on a blogging platform.  Thank you Mel.  Thank you for your Christ-like heart, and I hope you know just how much we appreciate your soft heart...for truly believing us when we say we want a fresh start, and we are immensely grateful.  Thank you. We love you.

Alright, that's all for now; I'm getting super sleepy.

I pray everyone stays safe.  Love to all...